WTF? People’s Daily Has Section Called “Eyes On DPRK,” And It Is Exactly What You Think

Whoa and nelly. The Internet’s No. 1 North Korea fan site is apparently hosted by People’s Daily. “Eyes on DPRK” appears to be a collection of slideshows highlighting China’s neighbor to the east, and it is utterly befuddling. As in: why does this exist? How long has it been here? Why does it exist? Who’s the audience? And that question about its existence… hmm?

Here’s one of the slideshows, called, “A tour of DPRK’s beauties.” (WTF?) The introductory text is as follows:

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, abbreviated DPRK, and commonly referred to as North Korea, is a socialist country located in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. DPRK covers an area of 122,762 square kilometers and it shares land borders with China and Russia to the north, and borders South Korea along the Military Demarcation Line. To its west is the Yellow Sea, and to its east lies Japan across the Sea of Japan.

Though DPRK is a neighboring country of China, it remains very mysterious and many people are willing to explore this country.

Got it. This website is for English-speaking Chinese people who have no idea what DPRK is and might perhaps want to join their “many” ilk in exploring this country.

Here’s another screenshot of the website (all the panels are clickable on People’s Daily, leading to slideshows).

Sports, women, military, Kim Jong-un. Interchange “Kim Jong-un” for “God” and we have ourselves a Republican Party blog! (Ba-dum-ching!)

Absent of anything else to say, here are more pictures of “DPRK’s beauties”:

(H/T TAR Nation)

    4 Responses to “WTF? People’s Daily Has Section Called “Eyes On DPRK,” And It Is Exactly What You Think”

    1. Justin MItchell

      My favorite picture is the photo of the airline meal served on the flight to North Korea. It could feed a family of six outside of Pyonyang for about a month, though sadly it lacked scrumdelicious DPRK traditional fare such as tree bark, grain husks and rat dung.


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