8-Year-Old Girl Burns To Death In Locked Room

Child burns to death
An 8-year old girl known to play with fire burned to death while shut in her home outside Hangzhou, Zhejiang province yesterday after her parents locked her in alone and left for work. The charred remains of the child were found after two young men nearby were alerted by a neighbor who smelled the smoke and cried for help. The pair kicked down the locked door and put out the fire before firefighters arrived, according to Zhejiang News.

Cui Jian To Play Hunan Satellite New Year’s Eve Gala, Representatives Deny Duet With PSY

Cui Jian
While CCTV insists on appealing to the largest demographic and sucking, we’d like to remind everyone that Hunan Satellite TV has decided to take a chance on mainland rock’s alpha and omega, Cui Jian, to perform on its New Year’s “Mango” Gala on February 4 (7:30 pm). Rumors have been flying in the press that Cui would “likely not be playing his famous... Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Omnipotent Youth Society – Kill That Man From Shijiazhuang

Shijiazhuang's OYS featuerd image
Here’s a bit of music news followed by something you can do for Chinese rock. The media-starved Chinese indie scene got a huge push on Sina Weibo this week when blogger Han Han found time between his car racing and corporate whoring to plug Shijiazhuang’s well-respected indie quartet Omnipotent Youth Society. This is a big... Read more »