Confirmed: Beijing And Shanghai Airports Are World’s Worst For Delays

Beijing airport 1
The Wall Street Journal revealed on Friday that China's airports are the world's worst for flight delays. "According to FlightStats, which tracks airport statistics, Beijing’s airport ranks dead last among the world’s top 35, with fully 82% of flights failing to leave on time," WSJ reported. "Second worst was Shanghai, at 71%." Numbers, numbers. We could link to a string of posts from our archives with picture and video evidence, but none of it will feel as real as our memories -- after all, we've all experienced the particular nightmare of flying in China.

Forced Sterilization In Hubei Results In Woman’s Death

Shen Hongxia
Most of us are familiar with the thought process behind China’s One Child Policy. But in practice, the laws enforcing population control fall short as ethics and morals fly out the window. Actual enforcement of said laws differ based on location and the socioeconomic status of those who challenge the policy. Some women and their... Read more »