Remember That 7-Year-Old MJ Impersonator? Here He Is With His 5-Year-Old Brother Dancing To A Chinese Song

Michael Jackson impersonators in Sichuan featured image
Meet the Chens of Sichuan, such Michael Jackson fans that they learned several of his moves by watching the legend on TV. We introduced you to Chen Zeyang, the seven-year-old, earlier today, as he mesmerized a crowd by dancing to Smooth Criminal. In the above, he's joined by his five-year-old brother as they sing (partly) 最炫民族风 (Most Dazzling Minority).

Here’s A Seven-Year-Old Michael Jackson Impersonator In Sichuan

Seven year-old Michael Jackson impersonator featured image
Michael Jackson impersonators abound in China (one of the more famous ones is Master Zhang Hongliang [video], often seen around the popular night districts in Beijing), but I haven't seen one quite this young. In Yibin, Sichuan province, seven-year-old Chen Zeyang attracted quite the crowd recently by dancing to Smooth Criminal. His five-year-old brother apparently loves MJ as well -- here are the two of them in action. The two reportedly practice while watching the King of Pop of pop on TV, and everything they do is self-learned. The Youku video description tells us Chen wants to be a professional impersonator or MJ dancer/choreographer when he grows up.