Who Is China Daily Following? An Unpopular Sock Monkey Whose Name Is A Bad Pun

China Daily follows @monkeyconomist
@China_Daily does not follow @beijingcream, but it does follow @monkeyconomist. OK, this is getting a little ridiculous. A monkey following 10 people can count China Daily as one of its 27 followers? (Note: as of now, Mr Jenkins only has 25 followers, and China Daily remains one of them.) FOLLOW ME ALREADY, DAMNIT. Previously in Who Is China Daily Following?... Read more »

Dick Amateur, Who Follows China Daily, Also Now Follows Beijing Cream

Dick Amateur now following @beijingcream
To the proprietor(s) of @China_Daily: if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not asking for much. Feel free to keep following porn stars and backwoods neocons and horsey lovers and this guy here, Mr. Loverboy, all the while pumping out tweets such as “DPRK’s satellite launch plan ‘provocative’: US http://bit.ly/zRPhpv” and “Matchmaking pet owners... Read more »