Chinese Thieves Brutally Assaulted, Smashed With Concrete Blocks [Disturbing]

Here is 3 minutes, 17 seconds of two men getting the shit kicked out of them. Right here, the epitome of the expression “beaten within an inch of one’s life.” It’s brutal and vicious — and then the concrete blocks come out.

The two men lying prone on the ground were apparently thieves, but quoting the top commenter on the Youku video – “Even beatings have a limit, it’s not worth beating them to death.”

We’re gonna go ahead and slap a viewer discretion advisory on this one. Screenshots for those who would rather not click play:

Brutal beatdown of thieves 2 Brutal beatdown of thieves 3 Brutal beatdown of thieves 5 Brutal beatdown of thieves 6 Brutal beatdown of thieves 4 Brutal beatdown of thieves 1

    10 Responses to “Chinese Thieves Brutally Assaulted, Smashed With Concrete Blocks [Disturbing]”

    1. greg

      Holy fucking shit! What the fuck was that?! Excuse my worlds but yeah, beating have limits indeed!
      Where was the police?

    2. wafflestomp

      I have zero sympathy for thieves, as the police here don’t do shit all when they’re caught.

    3. narsfweasels

      It’s good to see thieves get what they deserve, this is excessive, maybe an 11. If they turned it down to about a 7 that would be fine.

    4. Markoff

      this is what happens in society where law is not enforced by police. I feel no pity for thieves at all, they got what they deserved, at least some justice for them finally in this corrupted country, break all of their fingers will teach them to steal again

      if you would watch video carefully you would notice that mob was quite calm and obviously didn’t want to kill them, just break their arms, which thieves didn’t want to show to deserve punishment, so mob then throw blocks at them, but still restraint from attacking head

    5. phlash

      Couldn’t help noticing that the concrete kept breaking. Standard local construction standard.
      I’ve seen a few of these videos of beatings. One thing I always note is that victims never fight back and that those delivering the beatings have no idea of how to deliver a blow. Same as when guards caught burglars at our estate in DongGuan – the guards gave them a beating but it was all round-arm slaps which did nothing at all.

    6. paul

      My wife showed me this today. That is 1 of the most terrible things I have ever seen.

      I’m all for a bit of rough justice, but I’m sorry that’s taking it too far. Feet and fists was enough and then call the police, the police aren’t that soft on thieves from what I’ve seen/heard. That fuXXer was bouncing lumps of concrete off of his head and I would not be surprised if 1 of them was killed.

      That is fuXXing barbaric and anyone that thinks it ok, I hope you don’t ever upset some retard villagers and get the same. Those CuXXs that did they are scum and deserve to be locked up for a long time. I don’t care if someone stole someones Chicken or TV or whatever, short of fiddling with your 3 year old, that was way OTT.

      • Tsune

        What happened was they were caught stealing dogs to sale for dog meat, they have stolen more than 50 dogs in the town, you have no idea how they steal the dogs, they hit them with rocks, poison them, drag them on the floor with their car on high speed, I will beat the shXX out of those thieves just like in the video.

        You might think the police will take care of these, but the police in China won’t do anything about these people except putting them in prison for a short period of time, btw this is not the worst one. There is one that the people busted the thieves’ car and have them holding the 3 dogs they poisoned that were found in their car, after beating them to blood all over their body.
        What will you do if all your dogs and your friends’ dogs were stolen by these trashes?

        You might disagree with me, but I think they deserves to get beat up. When they steal, they better have the courage to be caught and be beaten up. If they are just stealing TVs or chicken I feel sorry for them getting beaten up, but stealing our best friends, the dogs? I will say just beat them up, break every bones in their body. Yes, I am a Chinese, we do eat dogs, but we do not steal dogs to eat, in China we have dogs from dog farms.

    7. Jacquelyn

      That beating was NOTHING compared to the daily brutal and sadistic, deliberate torture that dogs, puppies, cats and kittens (mostly stolen pets and homeless strays) must endure by the millions in this country for better taste and fake medicine. Doesn’t feel so good, does it bitch?

    8. Carol Mezher

      I’m so glad this guy beating the shit out of them. I have no tolerance for them stealing dogs and dogs suffer tremendously. Do I love watching them getting their head smash and fingers broken?? Absolutely and I’d do the same and will not stop for nothing. Those guys get hat they deserve. Since police out there don’t do shit by all means then laws in our own hand and they will have a piece of torture barbaric beating. I’d do the same. You do not know how angry


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