C4, Eps.134-135: Shaolin Temple Travel Diary

C4 Stuart Wiggin at Shaolin Temple viral featured image
With his co-host in England for the month, the news comedy show C4’s Stuart Wiggin took a trip to the Shaolin Temple and returned with a travel diary that has gone viral in China. Why? There's an interesting story here...

Xi Jinping Impersonator Deemed Too Sensitive For C4 Episode

C4 Xi Jinping impersonator 2
Those of you who follow us will know about C4, the sometimes funny, certainly unique, not-unnoteworthy comedy/variety show via China Radio International that we sporadically syndicate. Among the fun things that hosts Rob Hemsley and Stuart Wiggin have done recently -- though not quite as good as "The Panda" -- is a bloopers segment that featured none other than Xi Jinping.

C4, Ep.104: Cheaters And Druggies

C4, Ep100 - Naughty Boys
Today on C4: Love is easy, marriage is hard -- ever tried drugs? Don't do it. The hair loss will ruin you.


C4, Ep.100: 100!

C4, Ep100
Today on C4: Rumors of a great C4 hosting explosion were greatly exaggerated. Here's Stuart and Rob with their 100th (!) episode. Maybe they've just had some miscommunication problems. What?


C4, Ep.89: Christmas Is A Time For Holidays

C4, Ep89
Today on C4: Making sense of the holiday schedule. Alternatively: this is what sick people at work look like. Probably the worst episode yet!


C4, Ep.87: Poking Fun With Jade Rabbits

C4, Ep.87
Today on C4: China goes for bronze with a soft moon landing attempt. Plus, this: Stuart: "Chang'e, by the way, is the goddess of the moon... and the shuttle is her Jade Rabbit." Rob: "Her Jade Rabbit, I bet she has a lot of fun with that, doesn't she?"


C4, Ep.86: Self-Deprecation And Toilet Humor

C4, Ep86
Today on C4: A celebration of World Toilet Day -- "Well Stuart, how many times a year do you go to the toilet?" Ah yes, you know this one is going to be good.


C4, Ep.85: ShuoCaoCaoCaoCaoDao

C4, Ep.85 Speak of the Devil
Today on C4: In which two Brits team up against an American for messing up British history, or something. Cao Cao, etc.


C4, Ep.81: The Face You’d Also Make If You’re Peed On

C4, Ep81 featured image
Today on C4: The history of peeing against the Forbidden City wall... and, look, while we're talking about this, let's mention that there's a scene in this episode that you simply aren't going to see in any other state media outlet. I'm not talking about "robot testicles in my face," which, while we're thinking about it, seems pretty unlikely to be repeated on CCTV, either.