The Soundstage: AV Okubo

The Sound Stage - AV Okubo AV
For those of you who have been watching, The Sound Stage has been working in a "series within a series" every other episode or so since last November, featuring bands from our trip to Wuhan. AV Okubo is the last of those bands.

Saturday Night Musical Outro: Fuzzy Mood

The Sound Stage - Fuzzy Logic
A high-tech research lab is probably the last place you think you'd find a rock 'n' roll genius, but Fuzzy Mood is all the proof you need. Distilling mathematical theories into musical layman's terms, this band will definitely put you into a better mood - with science!

Friday Night Musical Outro: Go To School

LOW BOW - Oh! Ulysses
School Bar has been killing it this year. In my book it's Beijing's #1 live rock 'n' roll venue at the moment. Pretty much the only place you can walk up on a random day of the week and be statistically likely to find a decent local band and at least a dozen drunken teenagers in leather jackets just living the dream. You should go there on Saturday because all the bands playing are worth your time & money & some potential liver damage.