Picture Of The Day: Beijing Unfiltered

Picture of the Day Beijing
Ed’s note: The above is a previously unpublished photo from the portfolio of Kevin Schoenmakers, whose book, 118 Photos from China, is available for purchase on his website. Our favorite is the cat in the section “Beijing in Blue,” which reminds of this.

Picture Of The Day: Clown

Clown by Gabe Clermont
  The traditional dress of the Chou, China’s 57th ethnic minority group. Here we see what must be a quite wealthy member, for as one of China’s most notoriously frugal ethnic groups, they usually travel 10 to a car.

Picture Of The Day: If You Drive An Audi, People Will Think You’re A Corrupt Official

Audi corrupt official
“Corrupt official!?” reads the characters on this Audi. This was found near the Huixin Xijie Nankou subway stop (where Lines 5 and 10 intersect). I should note it was one in a line of about eight cars all with stuff written on them — mostly anti-Japan slogans or gratuitous curses. (Ed’s note: the Peugeot in... Read more »

Picture Of The Day: Qianmen Hutong

Qianmen Hutong singer
Jacob of the excellent YouTube channel Beijing Shenghuo shows here that he can take great still frames as well. We sample some more pictures from his 39-image album after the jump. If you’re interested in purchasing large prints of pictures he’s taken from around this city, you’ll want to go here.