The Creamcast, Ep.18: JUE Festival

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JUE | Music + Art is an annual labor of love, a privately run, basically not-for-profit gathering of creatives in Beijing and Shanghai, with live performances, workshops, exhibitions, and talks. Founded in 2009 as a protest against "the big, homogenous mega-festivals emerging in China at that time," JUE Festival has just concluded its 7th program, featuring acts from around the world.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Hip To Be Square

Outro - Old Blue Tick - Hip to be Square
Some Old Time American porch music this week, in anticipation of Friday night's big "Roots Rage" show down at Mako Livehouse. The gentleman on the fiddle is Michael Ismerio, visiting us in Beijing from North Carolina. He's been gigging around town, sitting in with the Yellow Hutong Weasels and others, doing roots music workshops, playing shows, and calling square dances. Serious. He was the caller at last night's square dance at the Home Plate BBQ Sanlitun preview dinner. Goes something like this. Dare to be square, man.

Friday Night Musical Outro: In League With Satan

Venom In League With Satan
It's Friday, friends, and there's tons and tons of shit on this weekend. Tons and tons. Too much. Too, too much. And on top of all these good lookin' shows, it's Halloween as well. Damn. And it looks like it's going to be Halloween for the next three weeks or so as well. Seems like no one can figure out what day to celebrate it on. (Pssst! It's October 31, fuckers! That's when Halloween is! Not the Saturday before! It doesn't matter that you have to work the next day! It's on the 31st!)

Friday Night Musical Outro: Night Moves, Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel at XP featured image
Welp. It's Friday night and… not too much on for live music this weekend. Bits and shits here and there, but looks like a pretty quiet one for the most part. Incidentally, if you're not already hip to it, the Live Beijing Music blog does these comprehensive weekend preview articles that are really useful if you're looking for more of a complete picture of what's out there and not just some random guy throwing random videos at you Friday night…

Friday Night Musical Outro: Dead Like J

China's Emerging Electronic Music Scene | Meet Dead J
Lots of neat-o stuff going on this weekend and this one might have slipped under your radar. You should go if you want. Local DJ/producer Dead J is doing a new night this Friday night at Dada called DARK, which is, as the name implies, mandated towards darker elements of the electronic music spectrum. Expect harsher techno, industrial, atmospheric stuff, breakcore, suicide music, arty bullshit, noisy and dour blips, bleeps, and bloops. In a dance club setting.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Press Start To Continue

Outro Press Start To Continue
Here's some spazzoid computer music this week from Stockholm producer Covox, in fervid anticipation of his set at Dada this Saturday night. He's back in town for the ten-year anniversary of Shanshui Records, local producer Sulumi's platform for bananascore electronica music of local, international, and galactic origins.

Friday Night Musical Outro: SVBKVLT Of Personality

Laura Ingalls - Froti frota (released on SVBKVLT) featured image
Once more into the breach, my friends. It's Friday night and... there's pretty much fuck all to do in Beijing. Pretty quiet weekend for live music, save for a few bits and pieces here and there. Could be worse though. Hey Beijing, at least there is exactly zero Limp Bizkit and Korn concerts happening in the city this weekend. That's alright, eh!

Friday Night Musical Outro: DMC’s Opening Throw-Down

DMC's Opening Throw-Down
Beijing punk rockas get a new HQ this Saturday night with the opening of DMC, a new dive pub / live music venue out in Tongzhou run by members of two of Beijing's longest running "street" punk acts: Demerit and Discord. In honor of this momentous and historic occasion, here's a viddy of Discord's most famous home-town hit, "Beijing Power." Hat tip to LBM.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Ride The Dino

Dinosaur Rider featured image
Something a bit different this week. Movie trailer instead of music video. This is the trailer to Dinosaur Rider, a movie "adapted from real events" about Beijing's "most hardcore punk band," Bedstars. The grand opening night, film screening, launch, debut, gala party, whatever-it-is, is tonight at 9 pm at XP. No entry fee. You should check this movie out. Greasy degenerate punk rockers on the big screen. Beijing pride.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Bonkers Goth Industrial Shit, Zaliva-D

Zaliva-D live at XP featured image
Hi, I'm Morgan. I work at Quick announcement: hardcore hesher types all over China HAVE SPOKEN and Metallica is playing a second show in Shanghai on August 14. If you live in Beijing and want to get some tickets, visit SmartBeeeej on Monday and we'll have an update for you on the ticket status. It's all being worked out. Seriously, this time though. We got your back. We'll have tickets for sale...

Friday Night Musical Outro: ‘dazeFeast Of The Senses

dazeFeast 2013
Hey, I'm Morgan, blah, blah, blah… So Saturday is the return of Moroccan sausage Badr Benjelloun's 'dazeFeast, the all-day, all0night rock and / or roll party out there at 2 Kolegas. Tons of bands (check out the full line-up right here), some capoeira out on the grass, comedy, roasted animals, beer, dancing, good times, laughs, memories, surprises, and all manner of good things.

Friday Night Musical Outro, Belatedly: Duck Fight Goose – Glass Walls

Friday Night Musical Outro - Duck Fight Goose, Glass Walls
Hello Beijing Cream readers. My name is Morgan and I work at this other website called SmartBeijing, wherein we specialize in faking the funk on nasty dunks. The Tao is outsourcing these Friday Musical Outros to me so he can concentrate on… well, hey, look at that… pretty tame week. Human suffering seems like it was somewhat minimal this week… no toilet babies… no… oh. Oh wait. Yep, there it is. Yes!

Friday Night Musical Outro: Sinotronics Launch At The Other Place

Piggy Sinotronics featured image
Happy Friday night, Internet goons - here's a little something for you to watch and listen to while you're lacing up your shit-kickers for a night on the town. This week, I'm using this space to plug a friend and colleague's project because, hey, it's credible on its own. My conscience is clear. This isn't Pepsi Cola or H&M or some shit.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Ecstatic For INTRO

Intro 2013 Beijing
Hey, I'm Morgan, I ran out of funny things to say for this bit. Oh hai guys, happy Friday, good to see you all, and I hope you're all already having sweet, awesome weekends. Super sweet, awesome weekends. Welp, for this week's Friday Outro, our man The Tao specifically requested some content relating to this weekend's INTRO Festival because BeijingCream has to stay relevant with the kids.

Friday Night Musical Outro: LMT Connection, Soul Funk Satisfaction

BB King and friends featured image
Damn, it's nice outside today, eh? So happy to be stuck at a computer writing this! Anyways, so this sick, turbo awesome funk soul band called LMT Connection snuck into Temple bar last night to kick off their China tour -- it's the "Great Wall of Funk Tour," of course -- and the three-piece is traveling back and forth between Beijing and Shanghai and a few outlying neighboring cities spreading the word. The word of the funk, son. Bopping people with their bop guns. They were pretty incredible. They are pretty incredible.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Double Shot Of Li Daiguo

Li Daiguo
With all the festivals and hoopla and blah, blah, blah going on, this might be flying under your radar. It shouldn't. You should go. And you've got two chances on it so don't mess it up! So yeah. Tonight at Temple and tomorrow night at Zajia Lab, the good-time punks of Genjing Records are hosting record release concerts for their latest release, Music for Advertisements by Li Daiguo. That's him in the video.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Demerit in the USA

Demerit in USA
Long time no see, Beijing Creamers. Hope you all had a nice holiday last week. Yep. Welp. Weather is nicer, festival season approaching, lots of interesting and wonderful bands and bullshit coming to Beijing soon, blah, blah, blah. Zzzzzzz. God, who can even muster the energy anymore, eh! So, um… yeah. Here's another Chinese punk band for you to get into. Another bunch of reprobate Chinese kids playing that punk rock.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Acid Live + Lao Wu (Buyi)

Acid Live featured image
Once more unto the breach, eh, my friends… Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. A bit of a quieter one, actually, for that Beijing rock 'n' roll this weekend, compared to the last few weeks of busy stages and crowded schedules. Just a few good ones out there. PiL, of course, is playing over at Yugong Yishan, but you've probably already made your mind up about that. If you are going, you're familiar with the early flash hits of the band in the '80s -- "Rise," "This is Not a Love Song" and all that -- but in case you haven't had a chance yet, you should check out some of the new stuff from their comeback 2012 album This is PiL.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Rural Wedding Show

Rural Wedding Show featured image
Welp. T.G.I.F., Beijing Creampies, it's Friday and you know what that means: more musical obscura from Youku to wind down the work week and ring in the weekend. Real special video this week. Real next-level shit. What we've got here is a new experimental psychedelic four-piece coming out of the countryside, currently tearing up the weibo with their fresh, free-form mix of Eastern and Western instrumentation and Influences.