Beijing Pub Quiz: The Kro’s Nest, Thursdays

The Kro's Nest quiz

Free pub quiz / trivia every Thursday, 8:15 pm, hosted by Anthony Tao.

Compete in teams of up to six people for booze and bragging rights at Kro’s Nest Trivia (35 Xiao Yun Lu – the old location, not Sanlitun). Prizes are awarded every round, with the top two teams moving on to a Final Face-off to determine who leaves with the grand prize and glory. Contact for details.

Round prizes include beer, more beer, appetizers, shots, and more beer. The final winner goes home with a bottle of red wine or vodka.

Rd 1: Images
Rd 2: Current Events, General Knowledge and Beijing Life
Rd 3: Music
Rd 4: Roulette (three categories are chosen randomly out of 10 possible rotating categories every week)
Rd 5: Wager

Sample questions:

*What’s the only country to host a Summer Olympics in which it did not win a single gold medal?

*Who’s the only villain to appear in all three of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies?

*What produces more energy? Nuclear fission or fusion?

*In the popular Internet video, what is the name of the unicorn who is tricked and has his kidney stolen by two other unicorns in Candy Mountain?


Kro's Nest map