If The Chinese Made Sleepless In Seattle: “Finding Mr. Right,” Reviewed

Finding Mr. Right featued image
I’m imagining myself walking a fictional waterside street in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. I pass a pregnant Chinese woman, a plethora of designer handbags laid before her on a table. “Sale! Sale!” the woman is shouting. What do I think of this woman? What assumptions do I make about her life in China and her journey to America? What do I think of her after learning she is in the country to give birth to her baby at an illegal birthing center for wealthy Chinese who want their children to be American citizens?

The Tree (An Expat Christmas No. 2)

BJC Christmas
Beijing Cream's "An Expat Christmas" series continues, in which foreigners in China write about the holiday experience from their respective cities. Our second of two stories from Beijing comes via Allison Reibel, about a tree rooted in the Christmas spirit no matter how much things around it might change.