Jiang Zemin: How China’s Forgotten President Achieved a Cult Following and Meme Immortality

Jiang Zemin featured image
The current president of China is Xi Jinping. “Uncle Xi” is most-known for his nationwide crackdown on corruption. Who was president before that? If you said Hu Jintao, you’d be right. Hu is remembered mostly for how unremarkable he was – he oversaw a ten-year period of consistent, if unexciting, growth for China, making little... Read more »

11 Ways of Looking at Donald Trump in a Chinese PLA Uniform: A Story

Donald Trump 1966 featured image
The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was founded 90 years ago on August 1, and to commemorate this round-number anniversary, there was a massive military parade at the Zhurihe Combined Tactics Training Base in Inner Mongolia on Sunday, featuring 12,000 troops and a special message from president Xi Jinping about readiness and party loyalty and winning battles. You don't care about any of that, though. You want to know about this:

Meme Thursday: Censorship, Human Rights, And Xi Yang Yang

Showcasing the best in Asian-related memes. Above via China Media Project: "Following a report in December 2013 by the Beijing News about poor migrants living in underground wells in the capital’s Chaoyang District because they could not afford housing there, local authorities sent teams to seal the well entrances with concrete."

Meme Thursday: Jack Ma As The Tiananmen Tank

Ma Yun and the Tiananmen tank
Showcasing the best in Asian-related memes. Sources: Global Voices (above: "The Chinese character 'Ma' [for Alibaba chairman Jack Ma] is transformed into a tank in @badiucao's political drawing"), We Know Memes, Wuluwu.