Louis CK Is Performing In Beijing This Sunday

Ed’s note: This was originally published on June 6 at 2:04 am, so the “Sunday” in the title refers to the show that happened on June 10.

If you didn’t know, Louis CK is currently the best comedian working, and tickets for his show are going for the criminally low price of 130 yuan.

A Chinese parable is in order here to describe the magnitude of this event. Once there were two guests at a royal reception. They were offered cherries. One of them accepted; the other, out of ignorance, did not. When there was one cherry left, the one who had not yet had any was persuaded to eat it. He immediately realized he loved cherries, but there were none left. He was very sad.

Moral: Don’t be that dumbass who misses Louis CK in Beijing because you didn’t realize he’s the royal goddamn cherry of comedians. Why take my word for it though… after the jump, videos of the master at work.

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

Grammy-winning show “Hilarious” in full:

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