The Saga Of Lucky, The Bichon Frise Who Survived An 18-Story Fall After Being Tossed Out The Window By Owner

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Bichon Frise, “Lucky”, who fell from the 18th floor, has moved back to the CBD South hospital.

ImageAugust 16, 2012

Lucky has moved back from our Shunyi Euro Plaza hospital, where she underwent advanced orthopedic surgery, to our CBD South hospital where he was treated initially.

All his vital signs are normal, and as the photo shows, Lucky is “proudly” displaying his carbon fiber leg support rod at the hospital veranda.

Thank you very much for following Lucky’s recovery progress.

Bichon frise, “Lucky”, who fell from the 18th floor, says “goodbye” to his drip.

ImageAugust 15, 2012

Our doctors are pleased to report that Lucky’s intravenous drip has been removed permanently since 4PM yesterday.

His vital signs are stable, with a temperature between 38.6 to 39.3. Lucky is fed 4 times per day, his appetite is very good, and he is drinking well and has a normal pee and stool.

Lucky always want to stand up and walk. The surgery scar is dry and no longer swollen. The trauma on his skin is healing very well.

Thank you for following Lucky’s recovery.





Bichon Frise, Lucky, who fell from the 18th floor, has started physiotherapy.

ImageAugust 14, 2012

Lucky’s vital signs are all normal, the local swelling from the surgery is well-controlled, the skin at the incision and trauma wounds is healing well, and he is becoming active. Lucky has now started his physiotherapy to aid his recovery.









Bichon Frise “Lucky” meets his new owner and new brother after surgery.

ImageBeijing, August 12, 2012

Lucky meets his new owner, pop-singer Huang Yong, and his new brother, only 24 hours after surgery, and 6 days after Lucky was thrown out from the 18th floor.

Lucky’s vital signs are normal, though he had a low fever in the morning. He urinated, defecated, and his appetite is good. His skin injuries require continued treatment and his surgery is slightly swollen, but not serious and acceptable. Lucky will be under 3 days of close observation for potential infections and other unexpected problems.

Pop-singer Huang Yong with the medical team in our Shunyi Euro Plaza hospital

Dr Torren Stone with pop-singer Huang Yong, discussing Lucky’s surgery x-rays.

Bichon Frise “Lucky”, who had fallen from the 18th floor, received advanced orthopedic surgery.

ImageAugust 11, 2012

The surgery started at 14:30 and finished at 17:40, and everything went smoothly. By 19:50 Lucky was able to stand up and he urinated by himself. All basic vital signs are normal.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Torren Stone, with support from the entire Doctors Beck & Stone medical team, including consultation by Dr. Tony Beck.

An advanced carbon fiber support rod was used, instead of the traditional metal rod, to provide a much lighter and stiffer leg support for Lucky, who deserves the most advanced medical technology available, considering his unimaginable suffering and bravery.

Digital x-rays were used to view the conformation of the healthy and fractured leg, and later to assess the advancement of the intramedullary pins inserted into the bones.

We will keep you updated on Lucky’s further recovery. Thank you for all your support.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Torren Stone.

Dr Torren Stone assessing the digital x-ray.

Medical update following Lucky’s transfer from our CBD South to our Shunyi Euro Plaza hospital.

ImageAugust 10, 2012

Lucky’s vital signs are all good. He is active and he experienced no car sickness. He was excited about his new hospitalization cage in the Shunyi Europe Plaza hospital.

Lucky’s appetite is normal and he urinated and defecated, and the urine and stool is normal.

His skin trauma shows no further infections due to the antibiotic treatment.

Our team of doctors is now preparing for orthopedic surgery of the humeral fracture on his right front leg.

Dr Torren Stone is getting Lucky ready in his hospitalization cage.

Lucky is getting prepared to leave CBD South hospital. It is the first time Lucky is without a intravenous drip since he fell from an 18th floor apartment.

Lucky is leaving CBD South hospital. He looks excited.

Lucky is arriving at the Shunyi Euro Plaza hospital at sundown.

DAY 4 – Lucky’s first trip outside

ImageAugust 10, 2012

It is amazing to watch Lucky walking outside only 4 days after he fell down from an 18th floor apartment. Nothing short of a miracle.

Here you see Lucky outside the hospital together with his doctors for his first outdoor pee and a quick sniff.

Imagine what he is thinking!








DAY 3 – Bichon Frise “Lucky”‘s vital signs have improved markedly

ImageBeijing, August 9, 2012

The Bichon Frise “Lucky” who fell from an 18th floor apartment, and miraculously survived, has been under treatment at our CBD South hospital for 3 days now. “Lucky’s” vital signs have improved markedly, as we have all been hoping for, and our doctors now assess that “Lucky” will soon be ready for the next stage of his medical treatment, which is an orthopedic surgery of his fractured right side front leg. Our doctors intend to use orthopedic fixtures to ensure that the bones are fully immobilized to ensure complete healing.

For this advanced orthopedic surgery we intend to transfer “Lucky” from our CBD South hospital to our Shunyi Euro Plaza hospital, which is our largest pet hospital in Beijing, and which contains more specialist medical equipment and facilities to handle such special medical situations. Transferring a patient to another hospital is common practice for special medical situations, and our doctors judge that “Lucky” is now ready for such a transfer, and Lucky’s new owner, Chinese pop star Huang Yong 黄勇 will be with “Lucky” at our Shunyi Euro Plaza hospital as soon as his orthopedic surgery is completed.

Official statement concerning the events of the Bichon Frise “Lucky”

Doctors Beck & Stone hereby issues the following statement witnessed by Lawyer Xien Sun from Beijing Zhong Yin Law Firm (License no.: 11201201010791660):

1. Doctors Beck & Stone will undertake all expenses related to rescuing and treating the Bichon Frise “Lucky” (hereafter referred to as “Lucky”) during his stay at our hospitals.

2. Doctors Beck & Stone will not accept any donations; hence please do not present any donation at any of our hospitals. Alternatively please contact animal welfare charity organizations for donations, such as China Small Animal Protection Association, Beijing Animal and Human Environment Education Center, Beijing Small Animal Protection Association, etc.

3. Doctors Beck and Stone will publish frequent medical updates for “Lucky”. We aim to provide the best possible medical treatment for “Lucky” and assist him to recover fully as soon as possible.

We apologize for any misunderstandings caused in this regard.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Operation Manager, Mr. Dawson Cui at: 13601159759

Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Health Care Center
August 9, 2012

DAY 2 – Medical update – Miracle dog alive after cruel toss from 18th floor in Beijing.

ImageAugust 8, 2012

Bichon’s general vital signs are stable, include heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, hydration etc., and he is much more active, in good spirit, and his appetite is returning.

Our medical team is now focused on internal bleeding, anti-bleeding, anti-shock, antibiotic treatment, and pain management.

Bichon’s nervous system and nerve reactions are under observation. Currently he can stand on his hind limbs, but he can’t walk well. Nerve inflammation control and physiotherapy treatment is ongoing.

Concerning Bichon’s right side mid-humerus fracture, the current plan is for the internal fixation surgery to be performed on Saturday, August 11, since Bichon’s vital signs should be further improved to reduce the risks from anesthesia.

Today many journalists and kindhearted people visited Bichon to wish him well, and condemn the unethical behavior of the owner.

Bichon is happy and was wagging his tail to greet his visitors. Indeed a sweetheart.

Today he also got some peaceful rest. All your blessings and good wishes are most appreciated.

Miracle dog alive after cruel toss from 18th floor in Beijing

ImageWarning: photos very graphic

August 7, 2012

Believe it or not a male bichon frise survived a fall from the 18th floor and is right now waving his tail at Doctors Beck and Stone’s pet hospital after being rescued by Chinese pop-star Huang Yong 黄勇 。

Last night a crowd of pedestrians witnessed the unfortunate dog after his fall on to the windshield of a parked car! The impact broke the windshield.

Nobody took immediate action until Huang Yong 黄勇 rushed to the scene after he saw a live Weibo posting of the accident. He held back his anger and disbelief about how the dog could fall from a building, and instead he took him straight to Doctors Beck & Stone pet hospital.

Bichon luckily survived the fall from the 18th floor however he is critically ill. At this time the only x-ray evidence of injury is a fracture of a right leg. However ruptures of the diaphragm, urinary bladder and un-displaced fractures of the bones cannot be ruled out at this time.

Bichon’s body is working hard to recover from the shock of the fall and internal bleeding cannot be ruled out either. In these instances internal bleeding can exhibit itself as either an intra-cranial bleed, or a bleed within the lungs or abdomen.

Bichon appears to be stable and our doctors are running regular tests to assess the function of the major organ’s including the heart, lungs, liver and kidney, whilst supporting Bichon’s frail body with pain-killers, antibiotics and 24 hour fluid therapy and constant monitoring.

It is reported that after Huang Yong 黄勇 took Bichon to Doctors Beck and Stone, the police showed up to investigate, and to everybody’s surprise they discovered that the dog owner lives on the 18th floor, while pedestrians all thought the dog had fallen from the 2nd or at most the third floor. The dog owner, a jobless male, eventually admitted to having thrown the dog because the dog had annoyed him! The police arrested the dog owner and brought him to the police station. It is clear that the majority of people in China, and the Chinese government, favor stronger protection of animal’s rights, as the outpouring of support for Bichon has demonstrated.

The car windshield reduced the impact and the dog miraculously avoided instant death.

Huang Yong 黄勇 rescuing the heavily injured dog at the scene of the accident.

Pop-star Huang Yong 黄勇 who saved Bichon’s life, and who intends to adopt him after he hopefully recovers.黄勇音乐黄勇