C4, Ep.62: Meat, McDonald’s, And Sven Goran Eriksson

C4 Episode 62b
Today on C4: Stuart Wiggin returns, and things get seriously weird. Meat and groping. Also, a look at the Buddhas around the world, McArabia, and Sven Goran Eriksson's (exhausting) post-England career.


Introducing: CRI’s C4, A Weekly Comedy News Quiz Show

C4 Episode 59
You've likely not seen this because fun and original content has a way of getting buried over at China Radio International -- CRI has a lot of money and heart, just not enough marketing -- but C4, which is probably the only English-language "comedy news quiz show" in China, deserves your attention. Produced, directed, and hosted by Rob Hemsley and Stuart Wiggin, C4 (China News, China Chat, China Fun, China Four) is quirky, unique, satirical, funny -- all of those things at the same time, when it's at its best. (At its worst it's probably a medium-sized animal's droppings, but lucky for us, there's entertainment value there, too.)