Introducing: CRI’s C4, A Weekly Comedy News Quiz Show

You’ve likely not seen this because fun and original content has a way of getting buried over at China Radio International — CRI has a lot of money and heart, just not enough marketing — but C4, which is probably the only English-language “comedy news quiz show” in China, deserves your attention. Produced, directed, and hosted by Rob Hemsley and Stuart Wiggin, C4 (China News, China Chat, China Fun, China Four) is quirky, unique, satirical, funny — all of those things at the same time, when it’s at its best. (At its worst it’s probably a medium-sized animal’s droppings, but lucky for us, there’s entertainment value there, too.)

C4 used to be a 30-minute panel discussion before everyone wised up and decided the current five- to eight-minute format was better. Rob and Stuart have published about two months of episodes in this present setup. We’ll begin carrying new episodes every Saturday starting today (top embed, Episode 59). Check out the full archives here. We’ve also embedded Episodes 57 and 58 below.

We’re sure you won’t pass up the opportunity to let us know what you think down in the comments.

Episode 57:

Episode 58:

On Youku:

Episode 57:

Episode 58:

Episode 59:

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