Guy On Art: Zhao Chengmin’s Compelling And Borderline Fascist War Ponies

Zhao 01
As to be expected from the invariably weird National Art Museum of China, the exhibition design for “Pneuma, Enlightenment, Harmonious: Sculpture Exhibition of Zhao Chengmin” was really freakin’ weird. First there were the dingy maroon walls — apart from the feeling of being in a ’70s smoking lounge, they wouldn’t be so bad except that... Read more »

Guy On Art: Bai Yiluo And Li Zhanyang’s Installation Art Reviewed

Installation art is ___?
Installation art may be the only type that lets artists actually live up to their outsider, free-spirit, totally bullshit reputation. It’s also more fun for the audience to get to step into/touch/eat the artwork, so they tend to be crowd pleasers and museum favorites. I’m inclined to give artists more credit for giant installations because... Read more »

Guy On Art: He Sen’s Short-Lived Exhibition Showcases Journey To The West, Women In Undergarments

Monkeys do not have opinions on curatorial ethics.
Today Art Museum, a totally unprecedented factory-cum-gallery space (it’s not unprecedented at all), has done us all the favor of cutting back on the galleries to focus on what art lovers really want: posh restaurants and cafes. I could go on along this vein, but this review really isn’t about Today Art Museum, featuring a... Read more »

Guy On Art: The Curse Of Technical Perfection – Review Of Art Bridge Exhibition In Which Artists Drew Whatever

Art Bridge
First, as a token of good faith, I offer this piece of advice to all Chinese galleries: don’t skimp on wine at openings. Free-flowing liquor will ultimately work to your advantage when plying potential customers, especially when you’re going to need to exact mental debilitation on them to sell your wares. Case in point, the... Read more »