Watch: Jackie Chan Tells Story Of How Bruce Lee Beat Him Up

Jackie Chan Bruce Lee story
Way back when, a young and overeager Jackie Chan found himself in a fight scene with the legendary Bruce Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Bet he didn't think he'd almost get knocked out by his idol. Watch the above for the full story, as Chan tells it as part of George Stroumboulopoulos's Best Story Ever series.

The LA Times profiles Shen Jianzhong, China’s modern-day Bruce Lee, whose son is still in jail for fighting in self-defense

Forced eviction attempt in China
[youtube] Shen Jianzhong, who fought back a pack of hoodlums in October who broke into his house and assaulted his wife, is making the most out of his 15 minutes of fame — but out of necessity. The LA Times recently caught up with him as he offered a grim update to his situation, specifically all... Read more »

A Tribute To Bruce Lee On The 39th Anniversary Of Enter The Dragon’s Premiere

Bruce Lee tribute be water featured image
Anyone notice how Bruce Lee sometimes talks like a professional wrestler? No? Anyway, Enter the Dragon technically premiered on August 29, 1973, but with the time difference between there and here, I hope you can allow a certain leeway in the post title. This musical tribute by Melody Sheep, posted on Tuesday, samples from a Bruce Lee interview and the movies Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon.