Jackie Chan Theme Park Opening In Beijing

Jackie Chan theme park opening in Beijing
A shortie but goodie from Global Times: "Actor Jackie Chan announced he will donate at least four old buildings to the 'Jackie Chan World Park,' to be located in Yizhuang district, the Beijing Times reported."

Watch: Jackie Chan Tells Story Of How Bruce Lee Beat Him Up

Jackie Chan Bruce Lee story
Way back when, a young and overeager Jackie Chan found himself in a fight scene with the legendary Bruce Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Bet he didn't think he'd almost get knocked out by his idol. Watch the above for the full story, as Chan tells it as part of George Stroumboulopoulos's Best Story Ever series.

People Are Really Upset About Civilian Use Of Military Vehicles, As Jackie Chan And Young Soldier Discover

Woman's reaction soldier old man military vehicle
Two stories along the same theme here, both from SCMP’s Amy Li. We’ll start with Jackie Chan, who was seen walking toward a black Audi with military license plates. We’re not sure when the picture was taken, but its publication on Sina Weibo has caused the predictable spate of online outrage. “Has our military hired... Read more »

Jackie Chan And Politics: A Match Made In A Heavenly Type Of Hell

Jackie Chan enters politics
Jackie Chan has been appointed as a Hong Kong delegate to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), according to SCMP. Chan Wing-kee, a standing committee member, said yesterday that Chan’s name was on a list of proposed members. No one — absolutely no one — should think Chan will do actual politics, as his closet comp appears... Read more »

Understanding Jackie Chan, Chinese Nationalism, And Double Standards In English Media

Jackie Chan
In a December interview on a Phoenix TV talk show, Jackie Chan made comments that Western media have recently described as "anti-American" -- ...really? I think his comments regarding America are immature, but they're not without reason. What a lot of reporting has ignored is that Chan was speaking in Chinese on a Chinese television channel, and the message he was delivering to a Chinese audience was this: “Yes, China has flaws, but if you talk about our country's shortcomings with foreigners, they'll misinterpret the message.”

Jackie Chan Says He Fought Off Gangsters With Guns And Grenades, Now Being Probed For Illegal Firearm Ownership

Jackie Chan with minigun
Jackie Chan’s bad week continues. Last week, he drew everyone’s ire by speaking out against Hong Kong protesters; this week, the charismatic movie star is being investigated by cops for off-the-cuff remarks he made in a print interview about using firearms to fight off triad members. Global Times, citing China Newsweek magazine, reports:

On Jackie Chan’s Forthcoming Retirement From Big Action Movies Following “Chinese Zodiac 2012”

Jackie Chan
I remember Jackie Chan’s Hollywood breakthrough film, Rumble in the Bronx (1995), as somewhat of a novelty. I was young then, and in no position to appreciate his previous work, so I bought the film industry’s characterization of him as a glorified stuntman. I chuckled at the anecdotes about production delays due to sprained ankles (he... Read more »