Durex Commercial Features Mike Sui In A Dinosaur Costume, With Alfred Hsing (Jet Li Stunt Double)

Mike Sui in Durex commercial
Today is World Health Day, and to commemorate, the creative, slightly mischievous folk over at Durex have just released this commercial featuring Mike Sui -- he of the many dialects -- in a dinosaur costume. Also making an appearance is Wushu World Champion and Jet Li stunt double Alfred Hsing -- he's the muscly man -- who we last saw producing this funny, dark, disturbing kung-fu video.

China’s Newest Badass Is Kung-Fu Master Who Thwarted A Mob Of Thugs Out To Evict Him

Shen kung fu master
Let it be noted that kung-fu pays. (Disclaimer: it doesn’t always.) Shen Jianzhong, a 38-year-old man in Bazhou, Hebei province, fought off a mob of hoodlums who had been hired by a property developer to evict him and his family. We’re told that he more or less knocked out seven men, with help from his sidekick, his son.... Read more »

Watch, If You Haven’t Already: Dragon Baby

Dragon baby featured image
Posted Friday, this video starring toddler Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin has already racked up 8 million views, and understandably so. Directed by French Canadian comic book creator Patrick Boivin -- who made Iron Baby two years ago starring his daughter, Marguerite Bulte Boivin -- Dragon Baby features a baby and kung fu, and if there was a set of magic formulas for a video going viral, I'm pretty sure baby+kung fu would qualify. Check it out.

Here’s A Fun, Humorous, Semi-Satirical, Kind Of Dark, Twisted, And Actually Bloody Video Featuring Kung Fu

Kung fu featured image
I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything quite like this produced in China. The video, a "Kung Fu FAQ" created by the digital marketing agency Flow Creative Studios follows a Walter Mitty-type martial artist who fields questions such as "Can you break bricks?" and "Can you fly?" while repulsing unruly diners, a scornful girlfriend, and a band of thieving strongmen in the hutongs of Beijing.

Pictures And Video From The Opening Ceremony Of The 9th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival

Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival
Venerable Shaolin Monastery, known worldwide as a pilgrimage destination for kung-fu devotees and something or other involving Wu-Tang Clan, helped ring in the 9th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival in Hunan Henan province yesterday with an opening ceremony featuring kids in gold paint and performers in various martial artsy poses. You can watch clips from the... Read more »

China Loves Insane Martial Arts Battles

Crazy kung fu featured image
Gawker Network's io9 has compiled a list of "27 of the most insane martial arts battles ever filmed," and would it surprise anyone that most of these were filmed or set in China? It's a great list, of course, and if you like martial arts / kung-fu, you'll lose many minutes of your day going through the videos. But one clip you'll not find is this from Dunken Master 2, and that seems like somewhat of an oversight:

A Tribute To Bruce Lee On The 39th Anniversary Of Enter The Dragon’s Premiere

Bruce Lee tribute be water featured image
Anyone notice how Bruce Lee sometimes talks like a professional wrestler? No? Anyway, Enter the Dragon technically premiered on August 29, 1973, but with the time difference between there and here, I hope you can allow a certain leeway in the post title. This musical tribute by Melody Sheep, posted on Tuesday, samples from a Bruce Lee interview and the movies Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon.

Not Even Bruce Lee Could Take On This Many Opponents

Bruce Lee fight fail featured image
The title of this post is borrowed from the title of a Youku video that surfaced a month ago, embedded after the jump: "If you're going to fight then fight, why pretend you're Bruce Lee?" The video description also tells us these were middle school students. It looks like at the very end, it's an adult who pulls the final combatant off the Bruce Lee-wannabe. Nothing else is known.