Dispatches From Xinjiang: The Affect Of Ethnic Friendship And The Music Video “Harmonious Xinjiang”

Harmonious Xinjiang 3
A smart person once told me that the feeling she gets when certain people enter the room is the same feeling she gets when she encounters the dank scent of mildew on damp, bath towels. It’s a livable smell, that palpable acrid taste in the air, but for her it also brings with it a constant grating and discomfort. Even worse, people who project this feeling on others with condescending smiles and cheerful helping hands are often “true believers” with the very best of intentions. They move and talk as though under an ideological spell. Their hope is that when they enter the atmosphere of a situation the positive vibes, the affect, or “wisdom of the body,” they emit will radiate like an emotional contagion.

Dispatches From Xinjiang: Abdulla, King Of Uyghur Women, The Leonard Cohen Of Northwest China

Dispatches from Xinjiang - Leonard Cohen of China
Please give a hearty Beijing Cream welcome to Beige Wind, an anthropology doctoral student who studies urban living, popular culture and the arts in the cities of Northwest China. He runs the website The Art of Life in Chinese Central Asia, and will swing by these parts periodically to enlighten us with stories from Xinjiang. This is the third post in a multi-part series on Abdulla Abdurehim.