Chinese Boss Calls For Helicopter Delivery On Golf Course, Because He Can

Big boss orders wonton delivered via helicopter to golf course
A very rich man on a golf course reportedly had a helicopter deliver him a bowl of wontons during the middle of play, just because he could. And he was really hungry, probably. As told by environmental celebrity Huang Xiaoshan on his Weibo and relayed by Guangzhou Daily, Huang and a friend were playing golf on a course near Xiaotangshan in Beijing when they saw a helicopter fly overhead and land. The man who ordered the take-out was apparently the boss of a big company -- a company that owns helicopters, it appears.

Guan Tianlang Assessed Stroke Penalty For Slow Play, Makes Cut Anyway

Guan Tianlang makes cut
Guan Tianlang accomplished two historic firsts in the second round of the Masters yesterday. He made the cut, becoming the youngest player to do so in any major (he was, after all, the youngest player to ever participate in any major). And he was assessed a stroke-penalty for "slow play" on the 17th hole. "He became the first player, by all accounts, in the 77 times they've held this tournament, to be assessed a penalty for slow play," writes ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski.

Guan Tianlang, Star In The Making After Shooting 1-Over In Masters Debut: “People Were Very Nice To Me”

Guan Tianlang at Masters opening round
Guan Tianlang is precocious. He is a star. We're not sure if he knows this and is simply playing the role of establishmentarian golf prodigy to a tee -- with understated self-assessments washed with humility, a genial confidence -- or is just being himself, but judging by his post-round quotes, he doesn't feel at all uncomfortable in the spotlight as the biggest story story in this year's biggest golf tournament. Sergio, who? Marc Leishman, who? Tiger, who?

All Eyes Are On Guan Tianlang, The Masters’ Youngest Player Ever And China’s Great Golfing Hope

Guan Tianlang at the Masters
Any reference to Chinese golf sensation Guan Tianlang inevitably mentions his age, and rightly so: the kid is just 14 and, in 14 and a half hours (12:24 am local time), will become the youngest ever to play in the Masters by a full two years. But in a reworking of an old sports cliché, age is temporary, class is permanent.

The Compendious List Of People Guan Tianlang Has Golfed With Includes Phil Mickelson, Condoleeza Rice

Guan Tianlang's Twitter
Chinese golf prodigy Guan Tianlang, 14, is set to become the youngest player ever to play at the Masters — he tees off on Thursday at 12:24 pm Georgia time. But the youngster has already been busy on the links at Augusta, it appears. Behold, his Twitter account, @Guan_Tianlang (we can safely call it “under the radar,” with only... Read more »