“Louie” Season 3 Finale Features Scenes Filmed In Beijing

Photo via the Beijinger

Remember when Louie CK visited Beijing? Certainly you do, especially if you were one of lucky hundred or so who got to attend his exclusive show. Well, the scenes he filmed here have finally been aired, in the finale of Season 3, “New Year’s Eve.” We don’t have footage of it yet, but you can read a recap on The Faster Times. Writes Craig McQuinn:

He is eventually persuaded and goes to the airport but spontaneously decides to go to China and look for the river that was mentioned in the book he bought for his daughter for Christmas.

Louie eventually finds the river and, again, much like everything else in this season, it’s not what expected. He’s lost again. He went to China for this?

It’s great to see that Louis CK saved bits from his Beijing trip for last. Judging by an interview he did with Bill Simmons in late-June, it seems he was proud (justifiably) and still a bit wide-eyed about coming here. Via Uproxx:

LOUIS C.K.: [Season 3] was the most difficult season we’ve done so far. We did more logistical … we traveled, I did an episode in Miami, we did an episode in Boston, I went to China…

SIMMONS: You went to China?!

LOUIS C.K.: Yeah we shot in Beijing. I hate to give it away, but I can’t keep it inside that I went to China. It was a crazy thing.

SIMMONS: Holy mackerel. How long were you in China?

LOUIS C.K.: Just two days. We shot it and got the hell out of there. It’s crazy. Yeah, we did a lot. We wreck some cars, we do a lot of fun action in this season.

We’ll keep an eye out for video, of course. FX has a preview of the episode, but sadly, Beijing doesn’t make an appearance. If you stumble upon the scenes we want, please let us know.

(H/T Reddit)

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