Friday Night Musical Outro: Beyond – Boundless Oceans Vast Skies

Beyond – Boundless Oceans Vast Skies
I might've mentioned I'm in Hong Kong this weekend, so it's only fitting that we feature one of Hong Kong's most influential and fondly remembered bands, Beyond. On June 24, 1993, just a month after the release of "Boundless Oceans Vast Skies" (海闊天空), lead singer and founder Wong Ka-kui died in a horrific accident in Tokyo when the three-meter-high stage he was on collapsed under his feet. Out of this tragedy, the other band members solidified their place in the musical mainstream, and continued to record and tour until 2005.

Friday Night Musical Outro: SMZB – No Friend No Life

SMZB - No Friend No Life
The seminal Wuhan punk rock band SMZB (生命之饼) is playing at Yugongyishan tomorrow night as part of its 15+1 tour. Would you believe these guys have been around since 1996? Like 'em or not, you have to respect their staying power, and the fact that they've been known to use bagpipes and tin whistles in their sets, making them, as our music contributor puts it, "China's first (and only, to my knowledge) Celtic punk band."

Friday Night Musical Outro: M.I.C. – Hangover

MIC - Hangover featured image
The five-member outfit M.I.C. released its second full-length album, Color, on August 8, on which you'll find this track. Wikipedia calls M.I.C. a "boy band," but we prefer this endorsement by cfensi: "What set this album apart from the last self composed album by MIC is that not only are the members penning their own lyrics and compositions but they are also in full control of the production process in the making of this album.

Friday Night Musical Outro: The Gar – Love For Life

The Gar - Love For Life featured image
The Gar exploded onto the Beijing music scene in 2007 and entrenched its reputation as indie heavyweights with the release of its self-titled album two years later. The members went on a three-year hiatus with the departure of bassist and founding member Wen Jie, but it appears they're now back, with a new bassist in Zhu Boxuan (formerly of Hedgehog).

Friday Night Musical Outro: Not There – The Chauffeur

Not There – The Chauffeur featured image
Beijing-based band Not There is throwing a concert tomorrow night at Yugongyishan called No Filler, featuring My September and Pacalolo and co-headlined by Residence A. The above video was directed by Gabriel Clermont, who you might remember from this video featuring DJs Wordy and SoulSpeak as part of our Chillax series.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Top Floor Circus – Faster And Faster (FM3 Remix)

The big show of the weekend is The Creators Project, tomorrow and Sunday at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art at 798 Art Zone, headlined by former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy as DJ. Other bands that will perform include Real Estate, The Chromatics, Duck Fight Goose (which we’ll feature in tomorrow’s Outro) from Shanghai, and Beijing-based experimental group CNdy.... Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Carsick Cars – Mushroom

Carsick Cars – Mushroom featured image
"The only show that matters this weekend," our music contributor says. That's the Maybe Mars five-year anniversary show at Yugongyishan tomorrow at 8 pm (80 yuan at the doors, 60 yuan presale, including limited-edition five-year anniversary compilation CD). This music label has launched the careers of many-a band in Beijing, including the one featured here, Carsick Cars -- they'll be at Yugongyishan tomorrow along with the likes of AV Okubo, Xiao He, Liu Kun (Low Wormwood), Mr. Graceless, Chui Wan, Zhan Pan (The Gar), Yang Fan (Ourself Beside Me) and Yang Haisang (DJ). Mushroom (蘑菇) is from CSC's self-titled debut album.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Misandao – Skinhead Never Walks Alone

Misandao – Skinhead Never Walks Alone featured image
First things first: the "skinhead" in this title is not a reference to white supremacists/Nazis, which pretty much is the reason this video on YouTube has been viewed more than 600,000 times since it was uploaded on December 14, 2007. The Youku version has a paltry 2,357 views by comparison. Misando (蜜三刀) is an old-school Beijing punk band, and you can bet they wouldn't have lasted this long as racists. They'll be playing at the 9th annual Punk Festival at Mao Livehouse over the weekend. We wish we could tell you whether they're scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, but this "festival" is promoted so poorly that it's not even on Mao Livehouse's website. So it goes.