Friday Night Musical Outro: The Sound Stage Profiles Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose on Sound Stage featured image
Jonathan Alpart, who legitimately cares about Chinese music for Chinese music's sake, is the one-man driving force behind The Sound Stage, a bilingual show that spotlights local bands you might also care about. This week, he profiles Second Hand Rose, a musical favorite that's been around for 13 years and counting. "No other group blends Chinese elements and sounds with rock and roll music so seamlessly," Alpart writes.

Friday Night Musical Outro: LMT Connection, Soul Funk Satisfaction

BB King and friends featured image
Damn, it's nice outside today, eh? So happy to be stuck at a computer writing this! Anyways, so this sick, turbo awesome funk soul band called LMT Connection snuck into Temple bar last night to kick off their China tour -- it's the "Great Wall of Funk Tour," of course -- and the three-piece is traveling back and forth between Beijing and Shanghai and a few outlying neighboring cities spreading the word. The word of the funk, son. Bopping people with their bop guns. They were pretty incredible. They are pretty incredible.

Friday Musical Outro: Not There, Here Again

Not There Live at Temple on May 4 featured image
Hello Beijing Cream readers. My name is Josh and I work at this other website called Smart Beijing, where I write tl;dr music articles on a weekly basis. The Tao is outsourcing these Friday Musical Outros to my comrade Morgan, but he's busy preparing for his simultaneous DJ sets at Dada and Temple tomorrow night, so he passed the buck to me. Today's video is kind of a cheat. A teaser, you might say. Tomorrow night at Temple, live funktronic act Not There is re-emerging after seven months of dormancy. Not ones to miss out on an opportunity to employ guerrilla marketing tactics, they released this lil' 25-second clip to promote the show.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Double Shot Of Li Daiguo

Li Daiguo
With all the festivals and hoopla and blah, blah, blah going on, this might be flying under your radar. It shouldn't. You should go. And you've got two chances on it so don't mess it up! So yeah. Tonight at Temple and tomorrow night at Zajia Lab, the good-time punks of Genjing Records are hosting record release concerts for their latest release, Music for Advertisements by Li Daiguo. That's him in the video.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Alpine Decline – Drunk On Crystal Fire

Alpine Decline - Drunk On Crystal Fire featured image
Formed out of East LA in 2010, Alpine Decline vanished from the US music scene nearly as quickly as they materialized, only to surface in East Beijing. These guys are playing tomorrow at XP alongside Streets Kill Strange Animals and The Last Three Minutes as part of Genjing Records's film and music night to celebrate Record Store Day. 8-10 pm, 40 rmb for the show.