Friday Night Musical Outro: Friend Or Foe

Friend or Foe - Cravin featured image
Hello Beijing Cream readers. My name is Josh and I work at this other website called Smart Beijing, where I write tl;dr music articles on a weekly basis. The Tao is outsourcing these Friday Musical Outros to my comrade Morgan, but he's doing some other shit right now. So you're stuck with me. Here's a taste of this Saturday's show by Shanghai's Friend or Foe. This video was shot by homegrown, straightforwardly-named blog/burgeoning media empire Live Beijing Music.

June Fourth Musical Outro: Cui Jian – A Piece Of Red Cloth [UPDATE]

Cui Jian - A Piece of Red Cloth featured image
This was the song that Cui Jian performed in Tiananmen Square 15 days before the military crackdown of June 1989. As he told Time in 1999: "I sang A Piece of Red Cloth, a tune about alienation. I covered my eyes with a red cloth to symbolize my feelings. The students were heroes. They needed me, and I needed them."

Friday Night Musical Outro: Sinotronics Launch At The Other Place

Piggy Sinotronics featured image
Happy Friday night, Internet goons - here's a little something for you to watch and listen to while you're lacing up your shit-kickers for a night on the town. This week, I'm using this space to plug a friend and colleague's project because, hey, it's credible on its own. My conscience is clear. This isn't Pepsi Cola or H&M or some shit.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Ecstatic For INTRO

Intro 2013 Beijing
Hey, I'm Morgan, I ran out of funny things to say for this bit. Oh hai guys, happy Friday, good to see you all, and I hope you're all already having sweet, awesome weekends. Super sweet, awesome weekends. Welp, for this week's Friday Outro, our man The Tao specifically requested some content relating to this weekend's INTRO Festival because BeijingCream has to stay relevant with the kids.