Friday Night Musical Outro: Omnipotent Youth Society – Kill That Man From Shijiazhuang

Shijiazhuang's OYS featuerd image
Here’s a bit of music news followed by something you can do for Chinese rock. The media-starved Chinese indie scene got a huge push on Sina Weibo this week when blogger Han Han found time between his car racing and corporate whoring to plug Shijiazhuang’s well-respected indie quartet Omnipotent Youth Society. This is a big... Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Perpetual Motion Machine – Beihai

Perpetual Motion Machine featured image
The Beijing outfit Perpetual Motion Machine, formed just last year, is already preparing to release a second album, Imperial City Diary (皇城饮恨录). They'll be playing tonight at Blue Stream Bar to celebrate. Live Beijing Music describes it as "a concept album of sorts, one that gives a rock and roll history lesson on this great city (the band has often before made references to China’s history)."

Friday Night Musical Outro: Faye Wong – The Last Blossom

Wang Fei featured image
[youtube] Our first musical outro of the calendar year comes at the strong behest of contributor Matt, whose love for Faye Wong knows no bounds. You might know Faye from Wong Kar-Wai’s Chungking Express and 2056 2046, but she was famous before those roles and will forever be for her songs, including The Last Blossom 《开到荼蘼》, off the 1999... Read more »

Musical Outro: Snapline – Porn Star

Porn star thumbnail
We're OK with the Friday Night Musical Outro coming in a bit late today because this show's gonna be good: on Monday -- Christmas Eve -- Mao Livehouse is hosting a Christmas Party featuring Snapline, Residence A, LILISAY, and CNdY (100 rmb/door, 80 advance; 8:30 pm).

Friday Night Musical Outro: Cui Jian – Greenhouse Girl (Unplugged)

As the Beijinger notes, “They don’t come much more revered in the Middle Kingdom than Cui Jian,” the 51-year-old “father of Chinese rock.” He’s playing at the MasterCard Center (formerly Wukesong) tomorrow night as part of his “The Blue Bones” China tour, and tickets are still available. The above is from a 2006 unplugged performance in Beijing... Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Pairs – A Surgeon At A Hospital In Shanghai Severed A Nerve In My Groin

Pairs – A Surgeon At A Hospital In Shanghai Severed A Nerve In My Groin featured image
Michael Pettis's club XP will welcome Shanghai's Pairs tomorrow night, described by our music contributor as a "rad... nowave / shitrock duo." If you know what that means, you'll enjoy the show. They're joined by Gum Bleed, 16mins and Baby Formula. The song is the first single from Pairs's double vinyl album If This Cockroach Doesn't Die, I Will, which we're told is about people in the Shanghai music industry, and "really funny -- if you know who he's singing about." Music video by Dani Grant.

Friday Night Musical Outro: The Fever Machine – La Chupacabra

The Fever Machine – La Chupacabra
Shanghai favorites the Fever Machine will be in Beijing tomorrow to hold a release party for its two-song, 7-inch vinyl record, La Chupacabra. The guys will play a free show at Temple Bar starting at 9:30 pm, with the first 60 through the door receiving a free copy of the record. (They'll play Shanghai's Yuyintang on December 1, with free records going to the first 250.) The outfit's Beijing-based label, Genjing Records, describes it as combining "the swirling, spacey elements of psychedelia with progression song structures," with "melodic pop hooks" and the "grime of stoner rock and proto-metal without buffering out the dents." See for yourself: featured here, the album's title track.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Han Geng – Clown Mask

Han Geng - Clown Mask featured image
Here's Chinese Mandopop star Han Geng, who won Best Worldwide Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards on November 11. Via Shanghaiist: Han, who originally came to fame as a member of K-Pop boy band Super Junior but left the group over contractual disputes, had a cameo role as Deng Xiaoping in the propaganda film The Founding of a Party. He was also an official torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Brain Failure – Fall In Love 2008

Brain Failure – Fall In Love 2008 featured image
Friday Outro time! We know it's technically Saturday as we speak, but we ask that you be okay with this. Brain Failure, a punk band that started in 1997, is in the middle of a national tour that began October 19 in Hangzhou and will end November 23 in Chengdu. Tomorrow, the guys are in Beijing's Tango Club for one night only. Check out its promo video via Beijing Daze if you'd like to see more. The song embedded here is one of their most famous ones off its 2007 Beijing to Boston album.