Friday Night Musical Outro: Demerit in the USA

Demerit in USA
Long time no see, Beijing Creamers. Hope you all had a nice holiday last week. Yep. Welp. Weather is nicer, festival season approaching, lots of interesting and wonderful bands and bullshit coming to Beijing soon, blah, blah, blah. Zzzzzzz. God, who can even muster the energy anymore, eh! So, um… yeah. Here's another Chinese punk band for you to get into. Another bunch of reprobate Chinese kids playing that punk rock.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Acid Live + Lao Wu (Buyi)

Acid Live featured image
Once more unto the breach, eh, my friends… Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. A bit of a quieter one, actually, for that Beijing rock 'n' roll this weekend, compared to the last few weeks of busy stages and crowded schedules. Just a few good ones out there. PiL, of course, is playing over at Yugong Yishan, but you've probably already made your mind up about that. If you are going, you're familiar with the early flash hits of the band in the '80s -- "Rise," "This is Not a Love Song" and all that -- but in case you haven't had a chance yet, you should check out some of the new stuff from their comeback 2012 album This is PiL.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Rural Wedding Show

Rural Wedding Show featured image
Welp. T.G.I.F., Beijing Creampies, it's Friday and you know what that means: more musical obscura from Youku to wind down the work week and ring in the weekend. Real special video this week. Real next-level shit. What we've got here is a new experimental psychedelic four-piece coming out of the countryside, currently tearing up the weibo with their fresh, free-form mix of Eastern and Western instrumentation and Influences.

Friday Night Musical Outro: SMZB – Screaming For The Silent Masses

SMZB - Scream for Life
Anyways, time to celebrate, Beijing Creamsicles. St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday, and there's no better way to get prepped for it than cranking up the above viddy. What you're watching up there is Wuhan heavyweights SMZB, bar room heroes every last one of them, kicking out one of their most famous jams, "Scream for Life," to a hometown crowd at something called the Southlake Music Festival back in 2007.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Harsh Buzz From Makoto Kawabata & Co.

Makoto Kawabata + Junky + Arrebato live @NOIShanghai XLVI featured image
Hello Beijing Cream readers. My name is Morgan and I work at this other website called Smart Beijing, wherein we specialize in nothing but hard-hitting lifestyle journalism and hard-hitting venue addresses. The Tao is outsourcing these Friday Night Musical Outros to me so that he can concentrate full-time on his own true journalistic passions, which is the kids shitting in airports beat and hobo fights coverage.