Friday Night Musical Outro: Free The Birds – Take It Off

Free The Birds – Take It Off
The first time I saw Helen Feng (冯海宁) on stage, she delivered, bar none, the most convincing impression of a coked up rock star I'd seen in Beijing. Spotting her after the show -- this is when she was still with Pet Conspiracy -- it was clear she was not, in fact, under the influence of hard drugs, but the performance was part of her charm and her skill, her ability to fully inhabit the stage and make it impossible for you to take your eyes off her.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Residence A – Wo Jiu Zai

Residence A – Wo Jiu Zai featured image
Formed in Beijing, Residence A (A公馆乐队) released its first LP earlier this year, Please Use Body to Pulverize the Desire to Flee for One's Life《请用身体砸碎欲望逃生》(translation mine). Described by Josh Feola of the music promotion Pangbianr as playing "tight, melodic indie pop, often with a syncopated disco beat reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand or The Killers," here they are with the music video Wo Jiu Zai (我就在), which translates to something like "I'm Just Here."

Friday Night Musical Outro: Second Hand Rose – Train Will Start Soon

Beijing’s very own Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰乐队), formed in 2000, was featured on this site in March for a Traffic Light post. The song used was Train Will Start Soon 《火车快开》, which deserves to be heard in full. Here it is, from a live performance on July 1, 2010. By the way, these guys will be performing at MAO Live House... Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Hanggai – Drinking Song

If you haven’t heard of Hanggai, you must not live in Beijing. One of the city’s — and country’s — most popular bands, it specializes in Mongolian folk music but is by no means constrained by that style. Singer Ilchi, an ethnic Mongolian, has established himself as perhaps the most famous “throat singer” in the... Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Zhou Guangren – Xinjiang Dance No. 1

Zhou Guangren featured image
Zhou Guangren 周广仁 is probably China's most famous musician you've never heard of, the country's first pianist to win an international prize. Born in Hannover, Germany, in 1928, her Chinese parents eventually settled in Shanghai, where she attended a German school before withdrawing in the early-40s due to its fascist, pro-Hitler teachings. Her dad was adamantly opposed to her piano training, believing she was too smart to make a career out of music, but she persisted, and after the war was convinced to stay in China to teach at the Central Academy.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Mohanik – Budagchin

Mohanik - Budagchin featured image
Mongolian garage rockers Mohanik are in Beijing tomorrow, specifically Temple Bar on Gulou East Street, for a fundraising show called Rock Naadam to promote cultural exchange between China and Outer Mongolia through music. Mohanik will be joined by Shanghai bands Banana Monkey and Scary Magic, and DJ Bo, also from Shanghai. The show is free, but organizers kindly suggest a 50 yuan donation. Expect it to start around 10 pm.

Friday Night Musical Outro: SUBS – Ship’s Log

SUBS – Ship’s Log
SUBS, from Beijing, is one of the many bands (at least 17) expected to play tomorrow at 2 Kolegas in Beijing as part of dazeFEAST, organized by Badr Benjelloun (more commonly known around these parts as Beijing Daze). SUBS is joined by another Shanghai band, Fever Machine, who we'll feature them at another time. But for now, enjoy SUBS's Ship's Log -- and drop us a note if you end up going to tomorrow's extravaganza. Would love to hear about it.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Hedgehog – You Guys Rock D22 I Was There Man

One of Beijing’s original musical successes, Hedgehog, is celebrating its latest album release tomorrow with an all-day party at Yugongyishan. Sun Fun Gun marks Hedgehog’s fifth studio album; “it harkens back to the band’s earlier work of powerful guitars and virtuostic-chaotic drumming held together with sweet lyrics, fun riffs, and nostalgia,” says Ami, our music expert. The... Read more »

Friday Night Musical Outro: Wang Wen – Lonely God

Dalian’s Wang Wen (惘闻) is “the granddaddy of Chinese post-rock bands,” says China Music Radar‘s Ami Li, and the guys are in Beijing’s MAO Live House tonight (9 pm) to kick off a nationwide tour to celebrate their latest album release, 0.7. Here they are playing “Lonely God” at Yugongyishan on April 2. Youku video for those... Read more »