Saturday Night Musical Outro: Steely Heart

Steely Heart featured image
Steely Heart (钢心乐队) has been serious contenders on the Beijing scene for nearly a decade. I recall seeing them back in 2008, and although I was unfortunately too preoccupied to properly give them the time of day, I'm happy to finally have come around and showcase their music with some actual effort.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Ride The Dino

Dinosaur Rider featured image
Something a bit different this week. Movie trailer instead of music video. This is the trailer to Dinosaur Rider, a movie "adapted from real events" about Beijing's "most hardcore punk band," Bedstars. The grand opening night, film screening, launch, debut, gala party, whatever-it-is, is tonight at 9 pm at XP. No entry fee. You should check this movie out. Greasy degenerate punk rockers on the big screen. Beijing pride.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Bonkers Goth Industrial Shit, Zaliva-D

Zaliva-D live at XP featured image
Hi, I'm Morgan. I work at Quick announcement: hardcore hesher types all over China HAVE SPOKEN and Metallica is playing a second show in Shanghai on August 14. If you live in Beijing and want to get some tickets, visit SmartBeeeej on Monday and we'll have an update for you on the ticket status. It's all being worked out. Seriously, this time though. We got your back. We'll have tickets for sale...

Friday Night Musical Outro: ‘dazeFeast Of The Senses

dazeFeast 2013
Hey, I'm Morgan, blah, blah, blah… So Saturday is the return of Moroccan sausage Badr Benjelloun's 'dazeFeast, the all-day, all0night rock and / or roll party out there at 2 Kolegas. Tons of bands (check out the full line-up right here), some capoeira out on the grass, comedy, roasted animals, beer, dancing, good times, laughs, memories, surprises, and all manner of good things.

Saturday Night Musical Outro: The Pharcyde – Runnin’

Nanjing Road Street Shows  The Pharcyde - Runnin' featured image
We leave you tonight with a breakdancing street show via the freshest kids in china, featuring world-champion Russian b-boys, George Zhi Zhao, et al. at Shanghai's famous Nanjing Road. (The music is an instrumental Philippians remix.) Stay cool, y'all.

Friday Night Musical Outro, Belatedly: Duck Fight Goose – Glass Walls

Friday Night Musical Outro - Duck Fight Goose, Glass Walls
Hello Beijing Cream readers. My name is Morgan and I work at this other website called SmartBeijing, wherein we specialize in faking the funk on nasty dunks. The Tao is outsourcing these Friday Musical Outros to me so he can concentrate on… well, hey, look at that… pretty tame week. Human suffering seems like it was somewhat minimal this week… no toilet babies… no… oh. Oh wait. Yep, there it is. Yes!