New Chinese Maps Highlight Disputed Islands In South China Sea

China map
China upset many Asian countries in November by issuing a new passport that included contested South China Sea islands within its pages, and just to show you how they’ve learned from criticism, the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASMG) has just published, via Sinomaps Press, a new set of vertical-format maps that include more than 130... Read more »

Police In Vietnam Detain Anti-China Protesters, Again

Vietnam protesters against China
According to AFP, more than 20 people in Hanoi have been arrested today for anti-China protests. About 200 protesters waved banners and chanted, “Down with China’s aggression!” A similar demonstration was broken up in Ho Chi Minh City. AFP: Vietnam, which has begun exploring for oil in what it claims as its territorial waters, last week... Read more »