Apocalypse Day In China, In Cartoons

That's Beijing Apocalypse
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The end of the world is upon us!




The above image comes to us via Rob, who you might know around these parts. He writes in:

We were planning to run a massive front page feature about the 10 Best Places to Get a Vajazzle in Beijing – you know, solid expat-rag stuff, scooping the competition – but most of our editorial team skipped work on Friday, thinking it was Armageddon, so might as well ride that shit out in bed. I saw a gap in the market: once the apocalypse hits, you’re going to need a magazine, sure, but what kind? Well, here it is: the only, number one, post-apocalypse listings magazine in Beijing. Suck on that, Beijing Review. Read ‘em and weep.

Let’s look at other images from around China. This next one is from Liuzhou Laowai:

Liuzhou Laowai's Apocalypse


And this is from a BJC reader who’s an avid follower and fan of Laowai Comics (it depicts an apocalypse of self, which is really the only kind there is, right?):

panel 1 panel 2 panel 3 panel 4 panel 5

And finally, a classic that isn’t really China-related, but was posted on China Digital Times – from Dan Piraro:

Mayan calendar


Happy Apocalypse Day, everyone!

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    5 Responses to “Apocalypse Day In China, In Cartoons”

      • Anthony Tao

        Cyber hug for the first expat magazine to put “vajazzle” on its cover.

        I’d be ok if Kitty Weekend were a recurring feature, too.

    1. Liuzhou Laowai

      “I hope that Lizhou Laowai person isn’t trying to take credit for that cartoon. ”

      No. I made no attempt to take credit for it. But I didn’t add a 4th panel. I edited a previous one of the many doing the rounds.

      It is called ‘fun’.


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