Beijing Slice Ep.05: The Creators Project

Beijing Slice Ep05
Here it is, The Good Doctor’s video from Saturday’s The Creators Project at 798′s Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts, featuring a long DJ set by former LCD Soundsystem lead man James Murphy. Take a long hard look, Beijing: this is you. Kind of. Not you. I don’t recognize you. Come to think of it… aren’t you... Read more »

Beijing Slice Ep.04: The Taco Bar

Beijing Slice Ep04
The crew headed into the hutongs to watch Kin make tacos for his Taco Bar, a hole-in-the-wall joint whose reputation is spreading through word of mouth. The music is Mexican Fly, by Serakina. Video by The Good Doctor. Previously: A Taste of Home. |Beijing Slice Archives|

Beijing Slice, Ep.03: A Taste Of Home

Beijing Slice Ep03
The Good Doctor, Candice and friends were recently invited to cook for Cambodian acrobats at Beijing International Art University. A chance to give hard-working kids a taste of home? Of course they accepted. The music that starts at the 4:12 mark is “Pagode Onirique” by Real Rice. Previously: Boating in Beijing. |Beijing Slice Archives|

The Ladies Of Beijing Cream Talk About Menstruation

Some government departments in China ask its female civil service candidates to write about their menstrual cycle. As China Daily first reported among English media: She said she was told to fill in a form that asked about the date of her first menstruation and her menstrual cycle. “I felt so odd answering those questions. What... Read more »