Beijing Cream Presents: Three Shots With… George Ding

Three Shots With George Ding
Ed's note: Welcome to BJC's newest weekly series, Three Shots With, in which we interview local personalities over shots. New episodes are posted every Sunday; if you would like to nominate a future guest, please get in touch. Produced and directed by Gabriel Clermont and Anthony Tao. George Ding, the Beijinger's backpage columnist, catapulted to notortiety last fall

China Twitter Accounts You Probably Already Follow, Schmuck

Beijing Cream Twitter
At the end of every year, the meejah publish lists: what's what, what's hot, what's not, what's frot -- y'know, "Top 10 Worst Celebrity Red Carpet Frock Horrors!" and other such high-water marks for journalism. But being lazy and living in China, we thought we'd wait until the end of the Dragon Year to do something similar. And seeing as we're cheeky and crass, we thought we'd take a slightly different approach.

What’s Up With These “The Beijinger” Covers?

TBJ 201212 cover
The Beijinger is our fine city's largest expat magazine, purveyors of flour, dogs, hair, and hutong skiers. Frankly, we can't wait for what's next... tissues? turtles? WE HOPE SO. Too excited about the possibilities, we've gone ahead and mocked up some cover suggestions. Let's make this happen, tbj.

Beijing Slice Ep11: A Sleighful Of Santas

Beijing Slice Ep11
Ed’s note: The one you’ve been waiting for: The Good Doctor follows more than 100 merry Santas during the December 8 Beijing SantaCon. What is the collective noun for Santas? I’m not exactly sure, but we definitely need one after this. The music is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, performed by the Tracson 5. Previously: Behind the Scenes... Read more »

Beijing Slice Ep09: Climbing The Waterfall

Beijing Slice Ep09
Some of Beijing’s best expat climbers they take on the waterfall at Bai He. Featuring Simon Adams, Ben Cook, Dave Gliddon, and Joachim Corstiaans. To learn more about climbing in and around Beijing, visit Beijing Climbing Club. The music featured in this episode is Begging In Rome by Cut By Ice and Départ by OpenChords. Previously: Beijing’s Cheapest... Read more »

What If Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” Were Set In China?

Chinese Newsroom
By TAR Nation and RFH Ed's note: TAR and RFH have diametrically opposed opinions about Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, starring Jeff Daniels as a news anchor who, in one lapse of honesty, sees his world turned upside-down. Characters sing "arias of facts," as the New Yorker's review put it, which sounds a lot like what news organizations closer to home -- in China -- do. So, TAR and RFH set aside their disagreements about The Newsroom to write a pitch for a show called Chinese Newsroom. TV producers out there: pick this up!

Beijing Slice Ep.08: Beijing’s Cheapest Haircut

Beijing Slice Ep08
The Good Doctor, cooking instructor/amateur bowler Candice Lee, and Beijing Climbing Club head Simon Adams went on a mission to find the cheapest haircut in town. How low did they go? (Answer: very low. Xibahe Nan Lu just outside Third Ring Road is what you want.) The music is Crazy Glue by Josh Woodward. Beijing Slice is now... Read more »

Beijing Slice Ep.07: Showcase At The Vanguard

Beijing Slice Ep07
By The Good Doctor Every Tuesday night, the VA Bar has a showcase of talented expat musicians in Beijing. The shows include covers and originals and are totally free. If you like music and want to hang out with a community of people who also like music, you should check it out. Featuring: Steve Blaque, Renee Robinson, Simon... Read more »