Beautiful Day Greets Beijing Marathoners, But…

Beijing Marathon 2013b
The 33rd year of the Beijing Marathon yesterday saw 30,000 participants run underneath a blue sky and a beautiful little sun. Those who completed the full course started west from Tiananmen and then turned north toward Olympic Green, with Ethiopian Tadese Tola winning the men's race with a new event record time of 2:07:16 and China's Zhang Yingying winning the women's title in 2:31:19. By all accounts, it was glorious.

Outrage After Tourists Caught Publicly Peeing In Beijing’s Summer Palace

Summer Palace urinating tourists
Here’s the latest from the chronicles of bad places to relieve yourself. Last week, one Cao Liping spied about a dozen tourists peeing on a vine-covered wall near the 17 Arches Bridge in Beijing’s Summer Palace. Angered, he snapped the above photo and posted it to Sina Weibo, where it predictably triggered uproar. CCTV and People’s Daily... Read more »

Does Peeing In Public Fit With Galaxy Soho’s Architecture?

Galaxy Soho peeing baby 2
BJC reader Phoebe sends this preliminary report from this past weekend's Craft Beer Festival at Galaxy Soho: A bratty five-year-old looking kid yelled "wo yao niao niao!" at his parents who immediately picked him up, pulled his pants down and held him over a bin, a foot away from where we were eating and drinking. The father laughed as I took photos and told him how disgusting it is and that there is a bathroom right through the door behind him. His response: "My kid doesn't like bathrooms, he's afraid."

Man Dies After Jumping Out Of Bus Window Because He Really Had To Pee

22-year-old man pee bus
A 22-year-old man jumped out of a moving bus on a Sichuan province freeway and died, reports Chengdu Business Daily via Global Times. Why did he jump? "He asked me to park the bus because he needed to pee," said the bus driver, Liu Renzi, who was en route to Ziyang from Chengdu that day. "I asked him to wait because it's not safe to park on the freeway. I told him that there was a restroom at Shiqiao service zone, which would take about 10 minutes to reach."

Light Punishment Comes Down On Shanghai’s Highway Urinators, Netizens Not Happy

Six laowai take a leak in Shanghai
Remember the above? The picture appeared on Sina Weibo in March, with the accompanying message: A group of laowai collectively pee on a Shanghai overpass, while smirking! Can only say __ doesn’t have national boundaries! Please fill in the blank! The incident was investigated, with police eventually saying no punishment would come to the foreigners due to a lack of relevant laws.