Cantonese, Which Sounds Like A Jackhammer Mating With A Chainsaw, Is Apparently Less “Weird” Than Mandarin

Cantones character
In an interesting linguistic study published in June, Tyler Schnoebelen of the language data company Idibon looked at hundreds of languages and evaluated them against one another according to 165 features shared by at least 100 languages. What he came up with was a "Weirdness Index" -- downloadable here -- that ranks 239 languages according to how odd they are, i.e. how different one is from the others. (Perhaps a better word would be "distinct.")

Crazy Racist Hong Kong Woman Curses Foreigner At Mong Kok Post Office

Crazy racist Hong Kong woman at post office
A friend of ours, Neil from Hong Kong, had quite the interesting post office experience in Mong Kok this morning. He was standing in line, minding his own business, when a woman approached him and said, “Fucking white man is pig, you steal and you need to return the loot to its original owner.” Utterly flabbergasted, Neil -- who is, by the way, one of the coolest, nicest people we know -- pulled out his camera phone and began recording. “Return the loot to its original owner,” the woman says, followed by:

“Verax” Is The First Biopic Film About Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden movie featured image
It's only five minutes and the acting is notional, but Verax is officially the first dramatization featuring NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The film, made by Hong Kong-based videographer Edwin Lee and friends, isn't completely about Snowden -- it's as much a paean to Hong Kong -- but it's received ample media attention nonetheless.

China Daily And SCMP Ran Very Different Frontpage Stories About Hong Kong Rallies

China Daily vs SCMP
Sometimes newspapers bend the truth, or cast a story in its own editorial light. For examples of this, follow James Fallows's sporadically updated series about why he reads more than one newspaper. But then there's the above. Tens of thousands marched in protest yesterday of Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung and Beijing political influences, but if the only newspaper you read was the China Daily (a hypothetical that applies to no one), you'd be forgiven for thinking all those bodies around Victoria Park were celebrating the 16th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover.

Hong Kong’s Next Media Offers HK$1 Million Bounty To Track Down Its Vandals

Hong Kong Next Media offices attacked
Next Media Group in Hong Kong, owned by the rabblerousing Jimmy Lai, says one of its distribution centers came under attack on June 30 as part of an assault that saw 26,000 papers get burned. A day earlier, Next Media's office was the target of a "drive-by knife-throwing," in which an unidentified man hurled a cleaver at the front gate. These and other actions, the company says, are part of a coordinated attack against Lai due to his support of the Occupy Central movement and outspoken criticism against China's Communist Party.

Mainland Tourist In Hong Kong Says She Returned 200 Million Yuan’s Worth Of Lost Diamonds

Fu Zhuli returns lost diamonds
This is decidedly not the sort of mainlander-in-Hong-Kong story we're used to. As relayed by SCMP, a mainland tourist, Fu Zhuli, found a bag of diamonds she estimates was worth HK$250 million on June 23 at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair. As a good Christian, she went against the urging of some of her friends, who said to keep the bag.