Picture Of The Day: If You Drive An Audi, People Will Think You’re A Corrupt Official

Audi corrupt official
“Corrupt official!?” reads the characters on this Audi. This was found near the Huixin Xijie Nankou subway stop (where Lines 5 and 10 intersect). I should note it was one in a line of about eight cars all with stuff written on them — mostly anti-Japan slogans or gratuitous curses. (Ed’s note: the Peugeot in... Read more »

Twitter Trackback For Global Times: We Hardly Knew Ya

GT Twitter
By Eric Fish Last week I noticed Global Times began a new Twitter trackback feature. It displayed what tweeters were saying about articles right under the article itself. One of the first pieces this was used on was called “The truth about Tibet is slowly coming to light.” The article itself had a number of... Read more »