Anyone Who’s Ever Complained About How Crowded The Beijing Subway Is Should Probably Watch This

Sure, it’s uncomfortable at times, especially around Guomao at rush hour. But it could be worse. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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    1. Doug

      The Japan footage is insanely old.

      But after having lived in Tokyo, I can’t stand riding on crowded subways elsewhere… Japanese train etiquette really helps (and is not displayed at all in the above video)… face the door, push into the car, and don’t talk during rush hour. It’s amazingly quiet and peaceful, except for the fondling that happens more often than it should.

      • The Tao

        “I can’t stand riding on crowded subways elsewhere”

        It’s because you can’t fondle people elsewhere, isn’t it.

    2. Charles

      This is exactly what I tell people when the complain about crowded trains in Beijing. Of course you don’t get too many migrant workers on the trains in Japan so that helps. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with migrant workers but they usually have been working and don’t smell awesome.

    3. whatsis

      I lived in Tokyo for quite a few years, and even though the trains can be crazy crowded during rush hour, it’s nothing like the madness of Guomao. One reason, mentioned previously, is the train etiquette. One example is that at each stop people will get off the train and stand to the side to let everyone out who needs to get off. Here it’s like fighting a fucking war to get off a crowded train. A more accurate comparison might be to take the Japan footage here and compare it with something taken in Guomao station at 6pm.

    4. wafflestomp

      I found the Beijing subway to be a horrible crowded place. They had workers to help push people into the damn cars. I’m confused by the youku video, is it trying to show China as being fucking organized?


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