Beijing Blend: An Ear-Biting Wildling

Beijing Blend ear biting woman
A woman in Heilongjiang province -- accurately described by our Beijing Blend host as "North of the Wall" -- was walking her dog off its leash when a college-age student kicked it. The ensuing tussle saw some ear-biting, Mike-Tyson-style, and a fight worthy of this episode of Beijing Blend.

Beijing Blend: UNIQLO

Beijing Blend - UNIQLO featured image
The fallout is in from last week's Uniqlo fitting room sexcapade, and it doesn't look good for one certain young couple. You know who does always look good? Beijing Blend hosts. Here they are talking about the most-talked-about social media story of the year.

Beijing Blend: The Grannies That Brought Down A Stock Market

Beijing Blend - stock market damas
To celebrate the debut of Beijing Blend on Beijing Cream, we're offering a second helping this week. The hosts talk about the Great Fall of China -- the country's recent stock market crash that wiped out $3 trillion -- and the role that damas -- Chinese grannies -- might have played. Also, check out Hong Kong's hottest new cruise, combining "the fun of botox with bare boy's bums." Yeah you'll just have to watch.

Beijing Blend: Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan

Beijing Blend - Jackie Chan
Everyone! Please meet Beijing Blend, a social media news digest / e-magazine doing very cool things both IRL (creative events, talks, etc.) and on the intranet (WeChat, namely). For the past couple of months, they've been uploading short videos on their YouTube page in which a rotating cast of genial hosts discuss a series* of current events. We'll be posting them here every Tuesday. It'll be fun. Oh, and go follow them on Twitter.