Charles Xue Apologizes On National TV For Being An Internet Celebrity

Charles Xue apologies on news
Several places have reported on this, but Global Voices wins top-link for its headline: "Opinion Leader Charles Xue Forced to Prostitute Himself on Chinese State TV." Indeed, above, you'll see Xue, an investor and influential social media presence, issuing one long self-criticism about the pratfalls of celebritydom. Remember, this was a guy who was arrested ostensibly for solicitation. Everyone has always speculated that it was actually for his outspokenness, which Xue seems to have confirmed with his 10-minute self-flagellation.

Authorities Wage Campaign On Those They Dislike: The Arrest And Smearing Of Charles Xue

Charles Xue
Whatever happens in the privacy of one's home is apparently not always private, especially if you're a notorious rabblerouser with 12 million followers on Sina Weibo. Chinese American Charles Xue, aka Xue Biqun (and Xue Manzi on Weibo, an anti-trafficking and environmental adovcate), was captured in Beijing last Friday for soliciting a 22-year-old prostitute. That's hardly the end of the story though. In the past week, authorities have gleefully smeared him in public, including on, it seems, every CCTV news broadcast, emphasizing Xue's confession and his love for sex parties. LOCK HIM WITH THE PEDOPHILES!

After Arrest Of Chinese American Microblog Celebrity Charles Xue, Global Times Editor Hu Xijin Reminds Us Why He’s An Ass

Charles Xue
Chinese American angel investor and Sina Weibo celebrity Charles Xue (a.k.a. Xue Manzi, with more than 12 million followers) has been detained in Beijing for "suspected involvement in prostitution," China News reported on Sunday. On August 23, off the tip from a local resident, Chaoyang District police captured Xue along with a 22-year-old woman from Henan province in a residential compound, according to the official weibo of Beijing Public Security Office: