Forget About Kony 2012 In China. The Carl Weathers Meme Has Officially Arrived

Carl Weathers as Joseph Kony
I work at a small newspaper that employs a staff of Chinese writers and editors who write and edit in English. They’re an earnest, hard-working bunch, and I admire them immensely for consistently putting together a publication in their second language. But sometimes, mistakes happen — which is why they employ myself and D, the... Read more »

Now That It’s Arrived In China… What Is Kony?

Kony meme
Tudou video after the jump. By Lola B I sit in my room only wanting to stalk my friends on Facebook, and Kony is the first to greet me at log-in. I leave my door, and Kony hails me from his plastered paper post on the elementary school chain-link fence. Kony is currently the American equivalent... Read more »