The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

July 22 – July 28

Video gone viral: Xierqi station on Line 13 of Beijing Subway during morning rush hour. There’s video of wheelchair bomber Ji Zhongxin’s explosion at Beijing Airport. Hannah Lincoln wrote an airport story that actually has a nice ending.

Beijing’s bad week continued: a two-year-old was killed in a parking dispute by a man recently released from prison. Another knife attack killed a woman outside Carrefour. A fire swept through a different Carrefour, and bakery explosion killed two.

The world’s tallest building in Chengdu is not being built for the time being. An earthquake killed nearly 100 people in Gansu. Murder on the high seas: 22 dead on Shandong trawler.

Hadrian Firewall of Britain. Hundreds signed a petition for detained lawyer Xu Zhiyong. China apparently has the worst instant noodles in the world.

China’s soccer team had a nice week: a 3-3 draw vs. Japan, then a 0-0 draw vs. host South Korea at the East Asian Cup. (They also beat Australia 4-3, to finish second in the four-team tournament.) Dr. Dre and LeBron James were at Beijing’s Spark nightclub on Saturday.

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