Bikini Babes On Hong Kong-Shenzhen Border Want You To Know Breast Milk Is Better Than Powder

Advocate breastfeeding featured image
How did you spend your International Women's Day? A pair of women stood at the Luohu Checkpoint in Shenzhen on the border of Hong Kong on March 8 to protest against milk powder while advocating breastfeeding. As The Nanfang reports: The slogans on the signs read: “Limits on what you can buy don’t limit how much you can love;”

Hong Kong Is Serious About Protecting Its Baby Formula Supplies

Need any more proof that Hong Kongers are fed up with mainland shoppers raiding their shelves of milk? On Tuesday, someone submitted a petition to the White House for the Obama administration to “request for international support and assistance,” which is vague, “as babies in Hong Kong will face malnutrition very soon,” which feels like... Read more »

Got Milk? You Must Be A Shopper From The Mainland

Dutch milk
Mothers in Hong Kong have been complaining (again) that they can’t get sufficient milk powder for their babies because mainland shoppers are buying the powder in bulk. According to the Census and Statistics Department of the Hong Kong government, last year the city imported more than 37,900,000 kg of baby milk powder. The government has... Read more »