Pictures And Videos From The 11th Annual Shanghai Sexpo

Shanghai Sexpo 1
The 11th Adult Care Expo, i.e. Shanghai Sexpo, ended on Sunday, and if you weren't there for any of the three-day extravaganza of awkward gazing/touching/posing and shameless mobile recording inside the Shanghai International Exhibition Center, we'll fill you in: there were a lot of sex toys and aphrodisiacs, a lot of phalluses, a few AV stars but way more scantily clad girls -- sometimes dancing, sometimes doing something... we don't know -- and a lot of QPR codes, often on skin, because sexpos have gone digital, baby.

Watch: “Naked Run” In Beijing Olympic Park Features Bare Chests, Gas Masks

Naked pigs run Beijing Olympic Park featured image
Heavy smog couldn't deter runners of the annual "naked pigs run" in Beijing's Olympic Park on Sunday. According to China Daily, more than 300 participants -- "only allowed to wear underwear" -- partook in the event. (Clearly some people wore more than underwear, but let's let that be neither here nor there.) Some wore gas masks, making for interesting photos:

The Disruptive Bosoms Of Lin Chi-ling, According To “Student”

Lin Chi-ling
The mayor of Taizhou, a small city in Jiangsu province, has rejected a netizen's complaint that his mental health has been damaged by an eye-catching outdoor advert featuring the cleavage of Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling. The netizen left his message on the government website of Taizhou city on January 10, signing it "a primary school child."

China’s Earliest Nude Photo

China's first nude photo
The above photo, taken by legendary photographer Lang Jingshan in 1928, is the country's oldest known nude shot, reports The model, surnamed Zhang, "suffered brutal kicks and blows from her father who heard it four days later."

You Can Own A Replica Of The Vagina Belonging To Zhang Xiaoyu, “China’s Top Nude Model”

Replica vagina of Zhang Xiaoyu, "China's top nude model"
Zhang Xiaoyu, who has been described as "China's first nude model" and is the self-proclaimed “China’s top nude model,” is apparently also a savvy businesswoman with a firm understanding of the importance of branding. We didn't know this until Danwei reported it just now, but apparently on May 15, she "announced to her 450,000 Weibo followers the launch of her branded simulation sex toy."

Highlights From ChinaJoy 2013

China Joy 2013k
Games and cosplay in China meet every year around this time during the China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference in Shanghai, aka ChinaJoy. First started in 2004, this expo is ostensibly all about showcasing the best in the gaming community, but, well, it's the girls who steal the show, because nothing quite represents undersexed geekdom than scantily clad women. The wings and makeup are gratuitous.

Adult Breastfeeding Is A Thing In Shenzhen, Says Chinese Media, For “Health Purposes”

Roman Charity by Pieter Pauwel Reubens
It's scary to think so, but adult breastfeeding might be the latest way to show off one's wealth. At least, if you believe what you read in the papers. In Shenzhen, as reported by SCMP, "increasing numbers of adults have been hiring wet nurses so they can consume breast milk for its nutritional value, Lin Jun, a manager of Xinxinyu Household Service Company in the southern city of Guangdong, told the Southern Metropolis Daily."