The Road: One Car, Three Lives (Not Including Driver’s)

Via Huffington Post: A tragic video of a bizarre car crash that killed three people in China in late August 2011 has gone viral. The footage, which aired on a Mandarin-language newscast, was taken by a traffic camera in the southeastern city of Fuqing just after 5 a.m. on August 22, 2011. According to a Chinese... Read more »

Car Plows Into Pedicab, Leaves Pedaler Unharmed

Car Plows Into Pedicab, Leaves Pedaler Unharmed
We could've found the Youku original video, but this is better: listening to Germans snicker at the video of a pedicab getting demolished on an intersection in China. "Better" is a word up for interpretation here, of course.

Man Playing Real-Life Frogger In China Does Not Successfully Cross Road

Frogger with music featured image
The worst part about what happens here is you see it coming and you want to shout some warning to the guy, a simple "Wait!" or "Whoa there!" But there's no pause button in real life: it just happens, sometimes in slow motion -- the man hesitating, quickly glancing both ways to make sure he can at least clear the first couple of lanes; the slow-moving white van concealing the fast-moving white van on its (and the man's) blindspot; that final stride, a gallop of faith...