Shanghai Highway Patrol Creates Gif Of Freak One-Car Accident For Instructional Purposes [CORRECTION]

Tire blowout and crash
CORRECTION, 11:49 am: While the instructional video and gif appeared last week on Sina Weibo and has since spread to TV shows such as Society of Transparency, the incident itself happened in 2010 in Taiwan. Pudong Highway Patrol stripped out the timestamp in the original footage, but the reportage error is mine and I regret... Read more »

Boy In Ambulance Dies Just 200 Meters From Hospital, Two Cars On Highway Are Blamed

Boy dies on way to hospital after two cars block ambulance featured image
According to SETV (东南卫视) News, an ambulance in Taiwan was recently transporting a critically injured 12-year-old boy when the driver encountered two cars on the highway that did not immediately give way. There was first a BMW, which took three seconds to move over for the ambulance traveling at 180 kilometers per hour. There was then a sedan that apparently never switched lanes, even after the ambulance honked and flashed its lights for 10 seconds.

Driver Escapes Serious Injury By Steering Car Underneath A Skidding Tractor-Trailer

Driver Escapes Serious Injury By Steering Car Underneath A Skidding Tractor-Trailer
Talk about a thrilling escape. On Friday inside an underwater tunnel in Xiamen, Fujian province, a semi-trailer truck lost control, bounced into the tunnel wall, and appeared to wipe out the unfortunate driver of a black sedan in the far lane. We're told in this video description, however -- and verified by multiple news outlets -- that the car managed to slip underneath the collapsing tractor. If the driver saw his life flash before his eyes and then a white, blinding light, thank goodness for the latter, which was literally the light at the end of the tunnel.

Cop Politely Tells Man To Stop Standing On Moving Motorcycle

Standing on motorcycle on highway featured image
Because driving properly sometimes is plain boring, people on the road sometimes choose to flourish a bit on their moving vehicle of choice. In the above, a man in Hunan province is just minding his business, standing on his motorcycle, when a police car stealthily approaches from behind. Trying not to startle him, the voiceover in the video tells us, the cop slowly pulls even, rolls down his window, and informs the motorcyclist that, Hey, dude…

How Not To Drive A Bus: A One-Vehicle Accident In Taiwan

Bus tip over in Taiwan featured image
Yesterday in northern Taiwan's Hsinchu, a bus carrying 40 people tipped over on a highway, reason unknown, and according to Xinhua injured all but one person. The driver, a local, died when he was crushed underneath the bus. One of the tour guides was Taiwanese, but all others were from Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

This Is Why You Should Never Play Real-Life Frogger

Boy plays Frogger featured image
This is not the first time within the last four months that someone playing real-life Frogger in China has been captured on video losing. In March, there was this (I added the music... it seemed appropriate at the time), in which a man sprinting across heavy traffic gets nailed by a van in the furthermost lane. Apparently that video wasn't enough of a deterrence, a clear message that real-life Frogger is a bad idea.

This Is How They Rescue People From A Six-Vehicle Pileup

A semi-trailer traveling from Guizhou collided with a van heading the opposite direction on a dangerous stretch of State Highway 210 in Nandan County, Guangxi on Saturday, resulting in a six-car accident that killed six and injured six others, according to Guangxi Daily. The video here is of the aftermath. Particularly striking is the excavation of... Read more »

Deputy Police Chief In Yunnan Accused Of Causing Car Wreck

Deputy Police Chief In Yunnan Accused Of Causing Car Wreck featured image
A driver of a white Fengtian utility vehicle is accused of causing another driver to crash on a Yunnan highway a few days ago. This is news only because the Fengtian, incidentally, is registered under the city's deputy police chief, Wang Weixiong, who has been avoiding phone calls. You can watch in the video how, at first, the Fengtian is desperate to pass the smaller car, which doesn't yield to the right lane because there are other vehicles on the road. When the smaller car finally lets the Fengtian pass, the Fengtian driver decides to horse around a bit, presumably out of spite.