Racing On A Beijing Highway, And Crashing video for those in China after the jump.

The above video apparently shows a driver racing around a Beijing highway. Much like in BJC’s Traffic Light videos, there’s eventually a crash.

Several years ago, Beijing was swept up by an urban racing fad in which drivers — mostly young men — would zoom around the city’s Second Ring Road trying to break 13 minutes. Those who successfully did it were deemed “13-Minute Boys.” Street racing in Beijing dates back to 2001, according to, and it was always as dangerous then as it is now, but it wasn’t until a speedster killed a 25-year-old model student in Hangzhou that authorities really cracked down. The case of Hu Bin and Tang Zhuo became a lightning rod because Hu was rich and Tang was not, and news that Hu only got three years in prison was met with outrage.

Something to know.

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