Discover The First Tweets Of China Hands, Media Organizations

First Tweet
We just discovered this pretty neat Twitter tool that lets you find the first tweet of any user. It’s easy to use: just put in a username, then voila – get taken back in time to a day when Twitter wasn’t blocked in China. It got me thinking: who here were among the earliest Twitter adopters?

China Twitter Accounts You Probably Already Follow, Schmuck

Beijing Cream Twitter
At the end of every year, the meejah publish lists: what's what, what's hot, what's not, what's frot -- y'know, "Top 10 Worst Celebrity Red Carpet Frock Horrors!" and other such high-water marks for journalism. But being lazy and living in China, we thought we'd wait until the end of the Dragon Year to do something similar. And seeing as we're cheeky and crass, we thought we'd take a slightly different approach.

Everyone’s Twitter Account Is Being Hacked In China

China Twitter
China Digital Times has noticed something very strange happening on Twitter: several high-profile China watchers have reported receiving warnings about attacks on their accounts. Which shadowy cyber prankster would dare try such a thing? Or is this the work of a more sinister agent of the People’s Republic branch of Anonymous? It seems wrong to... Read more »