Chinese Student In America Drives Through Wall, Maybe On Purpose

Teen rams BMW SUV through Woodland home

Yu Anze, an 18-year-old Chinese student at UC-Davis, slammed his SUV into the side of a house in Woodland, California on June 19, according to The only question: could he have done it on purpose?

One person thinks so.

The homeowners didn’t want to go on camera with KCRA 3, but their son provided his side of the story.

He said Yu — an international student from China, now at UC Davis — was a friend who happened to have very wealthy parents. Yu feels like he can do whatever he wants, the son told KCRA 3.

Feels like he can do whatever he wants. The next time tragedy befalls a Chinese student abroad, a segment of people on Chinese social media will say he/she deserved it because his/her parents are wealthy and these fu’erdai can do whatever they want without fear of repercussion. What they will really be thinking of is assholes like Yu Anze, who drive cars through walls.

Although this homeowner’s son might not be 100 percent reliable as a source, this is the picture he paints of Yu:

He said Yu also tortures cats, and the suspect’s girlfriend has tried to stop the alleged animal abuse. Yu threatened her with physical violence, so the son offered to take the girl in for her safety, he said.

The Chinese student got angry, thought his girlfriend was at the home, and crashed his SUV, according to the son.

Kids these days.

Cops: Teen rams BMW SUV through garage, into Woodland home (KCRA, h/t Casey Smith)

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    1. Cunt Fucker

      All Chinese once you give them anything think they are above everybody else and do what the fuck they want. Ignorant selfish assholism is a national genetic trait.

    2. MAC

      Well look on the bright side Anthony, a couple more years of the mainland student boom and you won’t have to deal with the model minority stereotype anymore.

    3. Tupac

      Imagine he goes to prison and in the exercise yard approaches all the black guys.

      ‘Hey, negroes! I also very like the hip hop!’

    4. Bruce

      I normally enjoy your web site, but I find some of the language in the comments — including the names of some of those making comments — to be pretty offensive. In my opinion, if you want to widen your readership and generate more meaningful discussion, I suggest you do what most decent web sites do: make it clear that vulgar language merely for the sake of vulgarity will not be published.

        • Jay K.

          i wish there was a thumbs up for the comment made above, because you sir deserve it!
          Bruce get your stuffy face reading the new yorker, not beijingcream with all its goowwweenesss and stickiness known as cream of beijing..yaaa..u know what im talkin about


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