Who Is China Daily Following? An Olivia Who Claims To Be Sexy

@China_Daily does not follow @beijingcream, but it does follow @Sexy_Cute_Olivi.

What makes Miss Olivia so sexy? Is it her hair? Is it her blondness? Is it her insatiable passion for life and living, the reds and rock music of our everyday world?

Or is it her ability to shill? “No Fees To Register. Win a Car from 100% free online lottery. Win the car of a lifetime: live the dream. promo.” “Do NOT Pay For White Teeth! Learn the trick discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white for $5 promo.” “$1,500 Free Gift Card to your best stores (shoes, toys,home,etc) Just complete a short survey & qualify. promo.” “OMG. OMG. US, Canada, UK, India domains chaos. Domain prices drop to $1.99. OrderYourName.com sanctioned? spon.”

Spon and shill only almost sound like “sex,” but alas, it seems like our lascivious lass is merely exploiting man’s biological impulse for personal gain (of Twitter followers).

Except… there is one thing kind of sexy about Miss Sexy Olivia (sorry, Miss.Sexy Olivia). Here is the top post on her website, Sexy’s Blog, from December 11, 2009:

Even the coolest intimate relations will be richer if you add some novelties and surprises in it. Nowadays there are a lot of sex shops almost in every city around the world, where you can find erotic accessories starting with sexy lingerie of different styles ending with dildos and vaginas.

These are the people that China Daily follow.

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