Chinese Wrestling Fanatics Turn Out For WWE House Show In Shanghai (And John Cena Speaks Mandarin)

WWE in Shanghai for RAW house show
Chinese appreciation for savage beatings was on stage again Friday night when World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) rolled through Shanghai for another series of smackdowns. Unfortunately, apart from standout performances by Daniel Bryan and John Cena, WWE appears to have backed off on the marketing push. Friday's event was untelevised, fine, but it was also short on pompous speechmaking and video support, so those in the nosebleeds had to invade the lower levels just to see.

WWE Smackdown In Shanghai Highlights

Smackdown in Shanghai
The WWE was in Shanghai on Saturday as part of its world tour, and put on quite the house show, it seems. We have highlights for you, above and after the jump on Youku for those in China, plus the full Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston match (even in China, Daniel Bryan remains thoroughly over) and the last half of an impressive Justin Gabriel vs. Jack Swagger contest. Garron Chiu, writing for, notes that the house was "pretty packed... about 25 percent taped off." He concludes, " Overall, this was a very good show and I advise everyone to go out of their way to watch a house show if they like longer matches, with the wrestlers clearly playing more toward the crowd."