WWE Smackdown In Shanghai Highlights

The WWE was in Shanghai on Saturday as part of its world tour, and put on quite the house show, it seems. We have highlights for you, above and after the jump on Youku for those in China, plus the full Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston match (even in China, Daniel Bryan remains thoroughly over) and the last half of an impressive Justin Gabriel vs. Jack Swagger contest. Garron Chiu, writing for ProWrestling.net, notes that the house was “pretty packed… about 25 percent taped off.” He concludes, ” Overall, this was a very good show and I advise everyone to go out of their way to watch a house show if they like longer matches, with the wrestlers clearly playing more toward the crowd.”

The matches were indeed longer, with even the divas, Kelly Kelly and Natalya, getting eight and a half minutes. Other notable matches included Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Zack Ryder taking on Epico, Primo and John Laurinaitis, and in the main event, a fatal-four-way for the World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio, Big Show and Kane.

Also on the card: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Jinder Mahal, Wade Barrett vs. Ted DiBiase, and Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes for the United States Championship. (All the names listed first won their respective matches.)

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston:

Justin Gabriel vs. Jack Swagger:

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